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Cerritos Mayor Solanki and Councilman Barrows Forgo Masks at Council Meeting


Cerritos Mayor Solanki (top) and appointed Councilman Bruce Barrows at indoor meeting without masks. They were both in their respective chairs at the dais, with Mayor pro tem Chuong Vo in between them and Councilwoman race Hu to Solanki’s left. Their chairs are not six feet apart. All others at the meeting wore masks.



He who has never learned to obey cannot be a good leader.” – Aristotle

The Cerritos City Council conducted a special meeting to review possible City Charter changes this past March 1, any changes would have to be approved by Cerritos residents.

The changes have been proposed by City Councilman Bruce Barrows and an “advisory commission” who’s members were unknown until the first review of the changes a few weeks ago.

At the meeting, as the introduction music and Cerritos scenery faded, a disturbing video picture emerged of the mayor, the mayor pro tem, and two council people, Barrows and Grace Hu, at the dais.

It was disturbing because Mayor Solanki and Barrows were not wearing masks.

Pro tem Vo, Hu, City Manager Art Gallucci, City Clerk Vida Barone, and the City’s attorney all wore masks.

The CDC currently recommends holding off on meetings and “zoom” when possible, but if you must meet, keep the number of people to a minimum, ensure good ventilation in the room, space six feet apart, and wear a mask.

Dr. Fauci said that until cases are less than 10,000 per day in the United States, wear a mask. Right now cases are 60,000 per day.

From experience, the chairs behind the dais are not six feet apart; poor pro tem Vo, in between Solanki and the gabby Barrows for over an hour discussing the charter.

Gallucci, at the table below the dais, is barely six feet from the equally talkative Solanki, who asked a litany of questions to feed Barrow’s ego.

LCCN has been told off the record by several employees that people were/are getting COVID inside Cerritos City Hall.

Yet two of the city’s leaders are on camera in a meeting not wearing masks, and there are others just off the dais in a closed room handling the television and video equipment.

Even if Barrows and Solanki were vaccinated, they can still contract variants and be asymptomatic, spreading, and possibly hospitalizing, people around them. The variant is deadlier and more transmissible.

It was the height of hypocrisy by two leaders of Cerritos and Pro Tem Vo, and Councilpeople Yokoyama and Hy should censure them for their nihilism and callous disregard for others.

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  • Errol Crones says:

    All of this childish behavior by our elected officials
    Is shameful! Especially, by the top two, that:
    We the rest of the citizens of Cerritos need IMPEACE
    Would somebody come forward and start a petition to remove these people. I will be one of the first to sign

    impeach: verb To bring formal charges against (a public official) for wrongdoing while in office.