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Newsom Recall Far Short of Needed Votes


The California Secretary of State’s website recently updated the Newsom recall numbers and they are woefully short of recall proponents goals.

According to report the cumulative total signatures is 1.94 million of those, 798,000 have been verified with 130,000  rejected.

That totals  668,000 verified signatures far short of the number needed to recall Newsom.




  • jonathan davidson says:

    that is 1.142 million unverified signatures remain. of the 798,000 verified signatures 668,000 are accepted, and only 130,000 rejected. if 300,000 of the 1.142 million signatures remaining to be verified are rejected, the 842,000 verified signatures added to the 668,000 should be 1.5 million signatures which will recall Gavin.

    • You fail to mention a poll that shows only 36% (the number of Republicans in Cali) would vote to recall….so it’s just a money making venture for those behind the recall.

  • Christine says:

    Don’t you know we the people think he’s doing a bad job. I bet you cheated us again, destroy the signatures.