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La Mirada Proposes Community Gardens at Frontier Park


In a special study session held February 9, La Mirada City Council proposed a Community Garden at Frontier Park.

In 1998 the City committed $110,000 to relocate a community garden site from its location at La Mirada Activity Center to a portion of land owned by Mount Olive Lutheran Church. A ten year agreement was entered into for land to be available as a community garden accommodating 42 garden plots. An approved 18 month extension was agreed upon in July 2008. The City collected annual fees from gardeners and forwarded the funds to the Church.

The Church informed the City that it would be permanently closing the community garden January 2017. Possible locations for another garden were discussed, but a site was never identified.

Last November staff began to explore establishing a community garden at Frontier Park. A garden could provide access to fresh food and produce, offer physical activity through garden maintenance and improve social connections among residents. A community garden also offers the potential to provide children in an after school program about agriculture and nutrition opportunities.

An area in Frontier Park located in the northeast section would be suitable for a community garden. The area measures approximately 5,000 square feet and could accommodate 24 garden plots.

Once established the garden would be made available to La Mirada residents by either participating in a community garden program or be residents requesting an assigned plot by the City, with an annual basis for a set fee.

The community gardens would be a communal project. Residents would be invited to the gardens during open hour to participate in activities lead by volunteers with gardening experience. Events such as farmers markets featuring produce grown in the garden as well as outside vendors could be hosted on the site. A third option could be a hybrid approach where a number of plots are assigned and a scion is dedicated to open communal use.

The City Council review and discuss the proposed community gardens at Frontier Park.

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