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Closed Hawaiian Gardens Hospital Opens for Non-COVID Pateints


To help overcrowded hospitals, the state is adding beds at one Los Angeles hospital and reopening another in Hawaiian Gardens that closed a few years ago.

263 beds will be added.

The CDPH  has taken action to reopen Pacific Gardens Medical Center in Hawaiian Gardens which is directly behind the Gardens Casino.

They will  add regular and ICU beds to Pacifica as well as Pacifica Hospital of the Valley in Sun Valley.

Cathy Chidester, director of the L.A. County Emergency Management Services Agency said, “We’re really excited about it, they can be a regional resource to transfer some of these patients to offload hospitals that are very crowded.”

The hospitals have been hit since late November when the holiday surge hit.


  • LA County District Attorney closed this hospital and several others for fake reasons, perhaps for political motivation without thinking of Pandemic and similar reasons, depriving medical care from residents of the city…….But before reopening the hospital our California authorities must keep him accountable so such think will never happen again.

    We must treasure our hospitals and make them to improve constantly.
    Closing them is a total loss and dangerous to people’s health.
    DA distorted all these hospitals for damages by law suits for million
    of Dollars beside closing them.

    Becoming a physician is hard, a lengthy process and expensive. Medical school applicants are the most intelligent, hard worker and devoted people.
    DA should not have the power to bulldoze them.