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Artesia Nets $563K From CTC to Improve Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety


SACRAMENTO — The California Transportation Commission (CTC) today allocated more than $565 million for current projects – and approved $2 billion in future improvements – to address transportation needs throughout the state. This continued investment will repair highways and bridges and improve California’s growing network of mass transit, bicycle and pedestrian routes.

Of that money, Artesia was awarded $563,000 to “mitigate pedestrian and bicycle safety deficiencies in the city.”

Plans include building 1,900 feet of sidewalk; upgrade substandard sidewalks; reconstruct 14 handicapped ramps and driveways to ADA Standards; install a pedestrian traffic signal; loading and unloading turnout bay for parents to drop off children; Share the Road signs; and markings on narrow residential streets to improve safety of cyclists and enhance the school crosswalk with in-roadway lighted markers.

  • Ran says:

    Hopefully they will hire reputable professionals and not use contractors that
    do not follow AQMD regulations regarding concrete dust recovery For the public’s safety and OSHA regulations for there employees Safety.
    The current contractor precision concrete cutting was working in our neighborhood and was not following proper dust recovery practices allowing very large plumes of concrete dust to go everywhere putting the health and safety of residents And there employees at high risk of exposure.
    During these trying times with COVID residents Shouldn’t have to worry about being exposed by uncontrolled concrete dust entering there homes And air space by uneducated contractors !