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Statement from Lakewood City Manager on Possible Election Unrest

City of Lakewood.

The current Presidential election has certainly been the most lively and contentious in modern memory for all sides. Vigorously contested and debated elections are an American tradition and part of any healthy democracy, but the thought of post-election violence or illegal activity is concerning to everyone and not at all welcome.

I encourage Lakewood residents to do everything they can among their family and friends to keep our political debates civil and peaceful. Let’s be shining lights of reason and mutual respect in our community of Lakewood.

That said, at the City of Lakewood, we are well aware of speculation and anxiety nationwide and locally about the potential for post-election unrest. Your Lakewood city government is in close contact with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department with regard to intelligence on the election cycle and the possibility for protests or civil unrest.

As Election Day approaches, we are not aware of any specific threats to Lakewood or surrounding cities.

However, we know that some local businesses, out of an abundance of caution, have boarded up their windows, and you may notice that Lakewood Center has water-filled vehicle barricades in position around the exterior of the mall property in order to move them into place if needed. 

The City of Lakewood and the Sheriff’s Department are prepared for any contingency and will be on alert (with increased staffing) up to and beyond Election Day, and we are prepared to implement measures to make sure that Lakewood remains safe.

I wish everyone and their candidates of choice well on Election Day and beyond, and again, encourage all of our residents to be good examples of keeping our political debates and decision-making civil and peaceful.

Los Cerritos Center and LASD Prepare for Election Night Unrest(Opens in a new browser tab)