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Los Cerritos Center and LASD Prepare for Election Night Unrest

BY BRIAN HEWS • October 29, 2020

As election day approaches, and with the potential of increased demonstration and protest activity across the region, the Los Cerritos Center is making plans with the LASD and businesses for possible civil unrest activity next week.

Every LASD station will be on tactical alert between Nov. 1 and Nov.9 also.

As of today, the LASD has not received any credible threats surrounding the LCC or Cerritos in  regards to the election day.

However all involved are not taking any chances including water barriers and extra deputy shifts.

According to emails received by HMG-CN from law enforcement and LCC management, the LASD will go on tactical alert with twelve hour shifts starting on Monday, November 2 thru Monday the 9 “in preparation for any civil unrest.”

  Seventy-five water barricades will be delivered to the LCC by Monday November 2 prior to Tuesday’s election date.

The barricades will be placed at all drive entrances around the LCC, and placed in adjacent parking lots and the LAFD will only fill the barricades if civil unrest occurs. The LCC will keep them locked and in place at night, and remove them in the mornings.

LCC management is also preparing quick-install wood barricades at mall entrances.

Cerritos Overnight Parking Restrictions Not Enforced

During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the City’s overnight parking restrictions will not be enforced. In addition, citations will not be issued for vehicles parked on the street on street sweeping days.

Permits are normally required to park on City streets between 3 and 5 a.m. to help keep streets clear and allow residents and deputies to quickly spot suspicious vehicles.

Overnight parking permit renewals for 2021 will take place beginning Monday, November 2.

For more information, call the Community Safety Division at (562) 916-1266.

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