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Grace Yoo Website Slams Supervisor Ridley Thomas…. Using a URL of MRT’s Name


BY BRIAN HEWS • October 8, 2020

Someone on Supervisor Mark Ridley Thomas’ social media team is not paying attention.

Today HMG-CN, while doing online research, found a website slamming current L.A. County Supervisor and L.A. City Council District 10 candidate Mark Ridley Thomas using a very surprising URL.

The website is paid for by District 10 candidate Grace Yoo.

The front page shows Ridley-Thomas with the writing “He is running for L.A. City Mayor, L.A. City Council District 10. Here is what his campaign is not talking about.”

The “he is running for L.A. City Mayor” was crossed out.

Scrolling down shows, “Mark has told people he plans to run for Mayor of Los Angeles.  When asked publicly, he refuses to deny it. Don’t trust us, follow the links and read for yourself.”

The sidebar of the site first lists the alleged USC bribery scandal saying that “ The United States Attorney’s office in Los Angeles is investigating a  $100,000 donation from a campaign fund controlled by Mark Ridley-Thomas.”

Second on the list is Mayor Mark and states, “City Council District 10 is just his stepping stone. L.A. County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas believes he will be in a better position to win the L.A. City Mayor’s race in 2022, if he is a sitting City Councilmember.  Since he has already served three terms on the Council (1991-2003) he can only serve one more Council term, but he is eligible to serve two terms as Mayor.

Third on the list is Political Slush Funds and alleges, “Mark has at least 6 political campaign committees that have over $2.2 million in the bank. Mark uses these funds to support his political friends, donate to organizations that endorse him, host fancy parties, buy expensive meals, and pay attorneys and consultants a lot of money. 

The site provides all information about the committees.

Next on the list is AAVREP which makes more serious allegations, “ One of the signature achievements that Mark likes to talk about is the organization he founded: the African American Voter Registration, Education and Participation Project.  He founded it about 20 years ago with the goal of registering and empowering voters. Since 2017, Mark’s voter registration organization has spent less than 1% of its money on expenditures coded as ‘voter registration.’

From January 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020, AAVREP spent $661,822 on fundraising, consulting fees, attorneys among other fees, but not one expenditure is listed as “voter registration” according to their finance reports.”

The link is below.


Sixth on the list is The Measure H Story which states, “Ballot Measure H, championed by Mark, has recently settled a lawsuit that claimed taxpayer dollars were used to promote the measure.  Using government funds to pay for political activity is illegal.  The settlement will cost L.A. County taxpayers $1.35 million.”

Last on the list is Oil & Gas $ = No Regs which states, “Mark has found plenty of time to take oil & gas industry money, but not much time to protect our health from the oil rigs operating in our neighborhoods.”

The site alleges, “Mark has a lot of other campaign committees and has taken a whole lot more from oil and gas interests over the years.  We found $302,700 in donations.”


See website click here





  • Former Staffer says:

    His son Sebastian is just as corrupt! He had a slush fund at USC and was referred to the US Attorney for embezzlement. No doubt he also used that money to wine and dine the Hawaiian Gardens councilwoman Mayra Maravilla. With what I have seen happening in that city, sounds like Sebastian rubbed off on her.

    The things he used to say at parties in SacTown when I worked there…

  • Moz says:

    I am sure Mayra has learned a trick or two from him. Mayra fronts that she wants to help all the latinos in her community but she fails to share with them that she wine and dines corrupt officials from Mexico. Especially when she was instills a mafia like politics in her community to rain fear on the residents that oppose her.

    Last I heard she was engaged with one of those cronies in Mexico and some guy is out rigging the elections.

    Not only that, she works on tax dollars dime in the City of Long Beach but is seen in Hawaiian Gardens campaigning every day. Talk about working the system.