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NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH: Cerritos Seeing Uptick in Prowlers Due to Coronavirus


BY BRIAN HEWS • September 28, 2020

HMG-CN received a letter from a concerned citizen in Cerritos on the border of La Palma, an area known as #37 for neighborhood watch:


I hope you are all doing well. I just wanted to take this opportunity to remind you to keep vigilant.

Unfortunately, due to our current economic climate, we continue to have people come into our neighborhood in the late night and early morning checking mailboxes, porch areas for shoes, packages, fruit from trees, recyclables, and any items that can be reused or sold.

People walk, ride their bikes, and drive in their cars late at night with flashlights and pull on car handles to see if they are unlocked. I know this because I see it on my flood light Ring camera from my driveway.

I have called the Sheriff’s but by the time they come, the people are gone. Don’t leave loose change, cell phones, cell phone charging cords, cell phone chargers, backpacks, and purses in your vehicles. If you have packages delivered, please track them and bring them in ASAP or ask a neighbor to pick it up for you. Do not leave them sitting on your porch all day. This could be a sign to potential burglars that you are not home.

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  • Bridge says:

    Cerritos has installed special signage: no parking, no standing, no loitering. Some homes have yard signs please do not steal. Most homes have security cameras and alarmed.

    Many of these are homeless coming out of the Del Amo Bridge area where there’s a lot of campsites, others are using electric bicycles to steal. Some homeless are camping in the trees in El Rancho Verdes Park.

    Del Amo Bridge is patrolled by Lakewood, Cerritos, Cypress and La Palma, but not regular enough. Bridge is in the process of engineering for new bridge to replace the existing bridge.

    Users of the ERV park and Montecito HOA, please hide goodies from public view inside your car and lock the cars. Homeless need food and clothing, so pick your fruits/veggies and do not leave clothes hanging outside to dry, or they will disappear. Generators need gas, so are syphoning gas from parked cars.

  • CJ says:

    Community safety needs to be worked on. It feels like cops here try to avoid making effort and the effects are showing!

  • Winkler Greenbelt says:

    Ridiculous that an area such as the greater Del Amo bridge Diameter, is serviced by many police departments: Cerritos Sheriff, Lakewood Sheriff’s, Cypress PD & La Palma PD, and we still have CRIME, HOMELESS in that area and a lot of high-speed drivers on , Del Amo Boulevard- La Palma Blvd. Bloomfield Target and RR Tracts Easements are more magnets for homeless & crime to breed.

    Seems almost every night we have either fireworks or rifle bullets being shot onto the metal train tracks at the Del Amo bridge for sound effects. Wakes up many households.

    Many days Black n White LACSD cars sit doing nothing in the Reg Park, how about spending some quality time patrolling around the Del Amo Bridge. Best way to keep lid on crime, is the presence of one of these policing departments cars!!!