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Dirt Already Flying in Hawaiian Gardens City Council Elections


Hawaiian Gardens will look to fill three vacancies on their City Council this November. Two of the Council seats will be for a full four year term until November 2024 and one will be for an unexpired term ending November 2022.

Looking to fill the two year term is Alba Bac, Maria Del Rio, Phillip Cabrera and Francisco Noyola.

Councilpersons Hank Trimble, Myra Maravilla and Victor Farfan will face off against Joe Cabrera Zermeno and former Mayor Reynaldo Rodriquez for the four-year terms.

There are questions surrounding Farfan, who was appointed, and if he should be running for the two year seat and not the four year seat.

Sources have told HMG-CN that the City Attorney wrote an opinion indicating it was permissible that he run for the four year seat.

The dirt is already flying; at the City Council meeting held September 22nd, public comments and letters slammed certain City Councilmembers, 52 letters in total, all were first person with no audio or video backup.

Also on November 3rd, voters are being presented a proposition that goes against the City values, Proposition 16 which aims to restore affirmative action in California. Despite the recent political wave in favor of social justice, the measure is not polling very well and residents are calling it racist.

If passed, Prop 16 would repeal 1996’s Proposition 209, which banned the government and public institutions like schools from discriminated or giving preferential treatment based on sex, race, ethnicity and nationality. Prop 209 effectively banned public employers from using affirmative action as it was seen as discriminatory.

Many voters may not even realize that affirmative action is basically illegal in California. The latest poll on Prop 16 is that 31 percent of Californians are in favor, 47 percent oppose and 22 percent are unsure.

For further information regarding Prop 16 and other measures visit voterguide.ca.gov

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