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Car Plows Through Crowd at Black Lives Matter Protest in Yorba Linda

yorba linda black lives matter

BY BRIAN HEWS • September 26, 2020


A Black Lives Matter protest in Yorba Linda against police brutality and systemic racism was met with a Trump flag toting counter-protesters of course turning violent when a car drove through the crowd today.

The march was going along Imperial Highway with the Trump supporter on the other side.

Wanting violence the Trump supporters  crossed the six-lane highway and confronted the  group as they shouted, “Black Lives Matter” and “U.S.A.”

That’s when a  white sedan came tearing through the crowd. One man was hurt while others chased the car, which was forced to stop after getting surrounded by police.

  • Ana Hills says:

    OMG, YL has fallen from Graceland! Must have been one of those outsiders, trespassing in to the city.

  • Mark Baytan says:

    Trash reporting.

  • OMG says:

    Yet another DUMB FUCK TRUMP SUPPORTER, you know the kind he calls “poorly educated.” A person who is OK with him on audio grabbing pussy; milking people out of 25 million for bogus trump university then his whole family banned from serving on any non-profit board; criticized a family who lost a son during war; Called people who died in the war suckers and losers; Called John McCain a loser for getting captured; OH YEAH WAS IMPEACHED; Trump definitely sucks Putin’s dick; Is intentionally trying to sabotage our elections; has an Attorney general who sucks Trump’s dick; Whose daughter secured 13 trademarks from China; Who’s two sons obviously do drugs; Who can’t walk down a ramp or drink a glass of water; who’s five campaign managers are in jail; AND he still hasn’t shown us his tax returns… in what is the longest tax audit in the history of the United States!!!……Yes I love the poorly educated!

  • YL Blvd says:

    Only 1.0% blacks live in Yorba Linda. Mainly white/asian city of $ homes and horses. Nixon buried there, maybe trump will follow.

  • Linda Tucker says:

    I watched several videos. Turner was surrounded and threatened by the crowd. She drove OUT of it, not into it. The man whose leg was broken had planted himself in front of her car to take cell phone pictures. Law enforcement did nothing to maintain the peace. They should not have permitted a counter-demonstration the same date, time and place. One of the videos appears to show them escorting the counter-demonstrators TO the BLM protestors. These events need to be investigated by higher authorities. I question the role and response of the Sheriff’s department.