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Some Walls Crumbling In Cerritos

crumbing wall cerritos

ALKALI in the ground from the Dairy Valley times is said to erode walls such as this one in the city. A portion of this wall was fixed earlier, according to the resident this wall is in very bad shape.


  • Gridly Pk says:


    The city is starting to show its age…..65 yrs old.

    For decades, the arterial block walls in Cerritos-La Palma, lining streets have been starting to crumble from decay by the alkaline , plus a lot of the soil elevations on one side of the fence is too high a grade level.

    More photos of the walls.

    Walls were not constructed as retaining walls, and the materials made out of the blocks were not waterproof, today the city has had miles and miles of more issues. One good earthquake, many of these fences will fall down. La Palma probably showed the most proactive in repairing the fences, they put a stucco slurry seal over the lower bottom of many fences and they’ve been waterproofing the block wall fences with paint. It’s not 100% cure, but it does process of rotting away. Cerritos should continue over planting the walls with attached vines, this will give a little support and camouflage the blite.

    Winter 2017 storms, some wall did come crashing down,blocking the pedestrian sidewalks, over by the LCM.