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Rancho Los Alamitos Expands Garden Access

rancho gardens

STAFF REPORT • September 12, 2020

Enjoy more garden spaces at the Rancho. The one-way pathway through the Rancho ensures visitors, volunteers, and staff can maintain safe distancing.

This route now includes the Cactus Garden, Jacaranda Walk, Tennis Court, and Geranium Walk. On your next visit, enjoy a peaceful stroll in these gardens designed nearly a century ago.

Located in the community of Bixby Hill, enter through the security gate at Anaheim Road and Palo Verde Avenue.

Before you visit, make a free reservation at rancholosalamitos.org and review other COVID-related changes we’ve made to ensure the safety of our visitors, volunteers, and staff.

Open Wednesday – Sunday, 1:00 – 5:00 pm, 6400 E Bixby Hill Road, Long Beach, CA 90815, 562.431.3541.

  • Bixby says:

    Bixby Hill, is fine community of S&S Homes, estate size, and well maintained. View alot of these home, at the intersection of 7ths/Studebaker, north side of Marina Pacifica, Long Beach. Area is much older then Cerritos, but better maintained.