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Chemical spill of mercaptan in the Compton area

A chemical spill of mercaptan in the Compton area has created a strong gas odor in a wide surrounding area, including Lakewood and Cerritos.

Mercaptan, also known as methanethiol, is a harmless but pungent smelling gas. It is added to natural gas to give it a strong smell that can be easily identified. While the gas is harmless, residents are urged to stay indoors if they can smell the odor.

 L.A. County Fire Hazmat crews are on scene and clean-up is underway.

  • Gas-Senior Center area says:

    The gas odor was real strong and could be smelled on the 91 freeway-605 Freeway, along with getting into East Lakewood, Cerritos, Cypress and La Palma.

    Gas company said their 911 call center was extremely busy yesterday afternoon. Smell could was detected inside of houses and cars. Some local business closed down early, just for precautions, until the smell dissipated.

    Cars, streetsm, patios, roof are still covered with friable fire ash/soot from the wild fires.

    Asthma and seniors should stay indoors, as the air quality outdoors is poor for humans and pets.

  • Sunshine Park says:

    Some stores/businesses were forced to close at 3pm, because of interior alarms going off, cause of the odars.