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August 28, 2020 Hews Media Group-Cerritos News eNewspaper

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  • Cerritos NW Data says:

    NW” This week 174 traffic citations were written: 132 hazardous and 42 non-hazardous. Unsafe speed accounted for 87 of the hazardous citations and was the most ticketed violation. The #1 primary collision factor on public roads was for “unsafe turning.”

    Why is the LACSD issuing 174 traffic citations per week, when we are in a pandemic, to me that just increases the chances of spreading the pandemic. Also, with the national attitude towards policing, isn’t this potentially just igniting a deeper firestorm not only in this city, but also the cities the violators reside in? Seems like less would be more appropriate in troubled times like we’re faced today. Sheriffs can mail out a notice of concerns to the owners of the unit, but to make face to face contact with the drivers, could be a freeway to spreading the Virus.

    Maybe even map out an area of speedsters to the NW list, so the residents could be made aware since so many are locked down in their homes & are not aware of the hi speed of traffic. Unsafe turning, sure does happen, but in many cases, city is at fault, for allowing the monster trees & tall landscape to block visuals.