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These California Congressmen Voted No to Help Your Postal Worker

Hews Media Group-Cerritos News would like to let you know the California Congressmen who voted NO to help the postal service. We bet you can guess who they are.

If you look at their district maps, they are all from Central California, which is where people will get hit the hardest by the postal slowdown.

Their votes constitute 20% of the entire no vote tally.

All their contact information is below, so if you live in their districts and like your postal service give them a call.

Even if you live out of their district you should give them a call express your disdain for their lack of concern for the USPS.


devin cow nunws



congressman tom mcclintock map information



congressman kevin mc carthy contact


congressman mike garcia contact


congressman ken calvert contact



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  • USPS says:

    Just here in Cerritos, lot of USPS waste.

    Why do we need to have delivery 6 days a week? There’s just not enough mail to be delivered six days a week.

    Why some neighborhoods have door-to-door delivery, when other neighborhoods have curbside delivery, and then other neighborhoods have group boxes at the entrance way to their track. Should all be one in the same into the neighborhoods, deliver as fast as they can and not walk door-to-door.

    If residents want to have online package delivery, they should construct a larger curbside mailbox pilaster, with a lock on it to accommodate parcels and not have Postal employees walk all the way to the front door. Or have a large slot in the frontage of the home, so the postal service could slip packages in to the slot and land inside the dwelling up front and not at the front door.


    USPS has been operating in the red for decades and decades.

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