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August 21, 2020 Hews Media Group-Cerritos News eNewspaper

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  • 5 New Homes says:


    watched the new cerrritos housing project proposal, the biggest issue, the zoning. It’s going to end up to be nothing but problematic just like North Denny street is by my house we’ve had nothing but 45 years, problems on both side the Palma and Cerritos. Location location location is everything, and that arterial Street running through the back end of that commercial property in Artesia is always going to be problematic. Remember talking to Greg Berg, Connie hanger and Daryl, they all said that street shouldn’t even be existing. I had my car broken into twice at Bobby McGee’s up against the freeway and I never went back to that area. I used to enjoy going to Don Jose’s, but again there was a lot of burglaries in the parking lot so we always ended up going to Anaheim Hills to Don Jose’s.


    I thought the housing proposal was adequate, for that area. I wasn’t that crazy about trees, because I know most people take out the trees after a decade because of Road problems, and also we had to take out a lot of trees on North Denny street because of peeping Toms and who was sleeping at the Treetops. Even to this day we have homeless sleeping in the Treetops and out Rancho verde’s Park.

    What Norman Wilson said could be very true and I think the staff should really look into more energy efficient homes. A $10 a month bill is awesome, but I don’t know how large that house is in what her Capital outlay it was to get outfitted for solar.

    Did not like about the homes, there’s nothing addressing an elevator. I know they have ground flour bedrooms, but that doesn’t mean that the homes are not going to be purchased i/occupied bye group families, such as seniors or handicap. By not addressing the ADA mandatory issues, my opinion the city is putting themselves up for a lawsuit, because they’re saying that handicap and senior blood does not receive a chamber of commerce welcome into the city. Like one person on the Zoom said we were known to be one step ahead, and I really didn’t see that in this project at all. That’s an industrial area and it should be kept Industrial and never even contracted for putting a residential zone against those industrial buildings, because those industrial buildings are always going to be polluters, that’s just part of Industry.

    I thought it was very raciest to say the least when the developers said that most people don’t go outside their house they just drive their cars into the house and never go outside. That sure not true over my area, a lot of people, use our parks, attract people from La Palma, Cypress and East Lakewood.

    Developer over exaggerating when he could get the project done in less than 2 years, back in 1970s it took almost four years for our track to get completed from the beginning to the end. The neighborhoods across the street from our homes, the developed in the 80s and 90s and again it took every bit of three years from conception to completion. Even with the remodeling how did regional park behind us, Public Works has it allocated for 7 years under construction.