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Aug. 16, 2020: California Independent System Operator Issues Warning for Rotating Outages

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The excessive heat in So.Cal. has caused CAISO to issue a warning, per SCE’s website.

System Status: The Cal-ISO has declared a Warning through 11:59 pm for 8/16/20. Please conserve energy.

You can click on the numbers below to find your city and a specific map of the area affected.

Up next for CAISO rotating outages: One or more of the groups below are likely to be shut off during the next CAISO rotating outage.
A063A064A065A066M002M003M004M001R001R002R003R004, S001, S003, S004, S005.

Note: There are no community listings or maps for outage groups beginning with the letter “S”.

The cities that could be affected are all over LAC and the OC.

Clicking on the “A” links will take you straight to outage area cities, the remaining (which were set up by SCE) take you to the page; you will then have to scroll down to find the areas affected.

  • Lost Solar Panels says:

    Drive Inland Empire,Ca.; residences and businesses everywhere have solar rooftop panels to create energy including Palm Springs area.

    Cannot understand why the greater Dairy Valley area, do not have solar factories here, and make it mandatory with the help of the cities finances, to create rooftop solar panels not only on residential homes in the area, the businesses and the school campuses. We don’t even have any wind fans on Freeway Billboards Etc compared to other Inland areas.

    this is just ridiculous with the brain power and the money we have in this greater Valley area we do not have more solar equipment.

  • Free Solar says:

    Free Solar

    Most RVs, travel trailers, pull trailers, truck campers, motorhomes, RV Buses and camper vans have rooftop solar panels and inverters to create electricity free.

    Mind-boggling that the cities which create greater Dairy Valley have hardly any solar on their roof to create powers.

    Many schools outside of the ABCUSD have solar, what is wrong with the ABC?

    Travel across the nation, many turbine and wind farms creating powers, but nothing to speak of in LA/OC.

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