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DA Raid Snags Bell City Manager and Cerritos Resident Paul Philips

STAFF REPORT • August 15, 2020

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office raided homes and offices this week as part of a corruption probe into a failed solar project in the City of Industry.

The bill to taxpayers was $20 million and nothing came of it.

One search warrant was served on Paul Philips, Cerritos resident and current Bell City Manager.

Neighbor Jim McMahon emailed HMG saying, “This morning, around 7 am. Mr.  Phillips, my neighbor,  was arrested by LA Police Department/ DA Office and taken away in his underwear.  The DA’s office is going through the house right now. The neighborhood currently is full of undercover cars from the District Attorney’s office.”


philips house, industry, da raid

Philips house in Cerritos with agents in the garage.



Cerritos City Council to review proposed CalMet Services rate adjustment at Aug. 27 meeting

  • $20M Raid says:

    1970’s Shadow Run Cerritos residents must display empathy towards the homeowners: M/M Phillips, they went through this drama unexpectedly, but that house is also had a history of Dragnet divorces, split families, and a death on that property. Only wish that the DA raid had done due diligences before adding another infected Halo on this property. What next?

    Wondering if the DA office did their homework of the ageism data from this neighborhood: 50-year old neighborhood, many residents living adjacent to the Philips are between 90 -100 years old, widows, stroke survivors and are psychologically disturbed from this uncalled raid. Plus this neighborhood is home to 150 senior citizens living in a senior citizen housing community of Montecito. Diversity in this neighborhood is more than usual, residents tongues don’t understand what is going on.

    Strongly pray that the LASD +DA Office employ some mobile psychiatric personnel/Chaplin’s, and to go up and down the neighborhoods to ease the tension which this commercial raid has caused in a quiet bedroom community called Warmington’s Shadow Run, with price tags around $1.5M.

    Past CCC, Frank worried about some RV Parking, this style and lengthy raid, reaches out and permanently disturbs more residents, then any RV ever will. Would not be surprised if some of the older residents around Philips Compound, have massive heart attacks/strokes in the nearest future, because of this unannounced raid. Now every homeless living in the adjacent flood control are going to panning for the $20M in this hood.

  • John Fyrmyer says:

    This comment is the most incredible and non-sensacle ignorant rant I have ever read. You arrest people and do not have to rehabilitate neighbors who may be affected. If Neighborhood tongues do not understand what is happening or being said, learn english. Since when does the age and diversity get looked at before making an arrest? My sad thought is the City I grew up in is getting another black eye due to corrupt (Or potentially Corrupt) politicians.

  • Home City says:

    Back in the late 1970s early 1980s, the State Universally passed a proposition stating that staffers do not have to belong/live in the same city where they’re employed. There just wasn’t enough houses and not enough employees to go around, so that opened up the labor pool greatly. Also it was not always in the best interest if a staff family resided in the same city they were employed out of .

    Council people do have to live in the same city they’re serving, but Commissioners do not.

    Many other elected officials do not have to live in the same city they’re representing.

    One day we will be electing a council outside the city they’re serving, just running out of qualified candidates and finances to back up political races.

    Cerritos where the raid took place, is home to 3 City Managers: Garden Grove, Paramount and Bell.

    City Manager for La Palma resides in Whittier, city manager for Cerritos, resides in Sunset Beach.

    Most staffers employed in CERRITOS, reside in Yorba Linda, Hunt Beach and Long Beach. Staffers employed in South Gate reside in Downey.

    Many staffers in Long Beach, reside in Cypress-Los Alamitos.

    Our Congressman for our district, Linda Sanchez, lived in Orange County and now on the East Coast.

  • $20 M Raid Video says:

    Solar Video | $20M

  • Reply says:

    John Fyrmyer:

    Since Memorial Day of 2020, the nation/across the globe demonstrated the need for police reform, more respect from the police. Didnt see any respect from the police department when they have to raid 7am especially, when a lot of seniors live in the neighborhood, some can’t hear, some blind, and some of them are stroke victims. Plus many are out walking to the parks during pandemic.

    Evidently you have never been ill enough, to witness out-of-control policing. This was commercial application forces, being used in a very quiet bedroom neighborhood. There could have been gunshots very easily, some could have been injured or killed; there was no precaution taken whatsoever.

    A police chaplain is a chaplain who serves in a precinct and works primarily with police officers to provide support and counseling. … While chaplains, including police chaplains, are fully ordained and can lead a church, they are generally called ministers, pastors, or some other term in that case. They help community members, families of police officers, law enforcement personnel, suspects, and victims by offering counseling or providing other services, such as referrals to local clergy or mental health professionals. A chaplain’s assistance during a crisis can free officers to fulfill other duties. Chaplin would be great RX for Shadow Run Homeowners; whom reside in this community, plus for the 150 seniors residing in Montecito HOA Low Income Apartments.

    Cerritos is not the candy city it once was, neither is most of Calif. Cities change, not always for betterment.