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Cerritos’ Hubert Humphrey Democratic Club Shows Support for Postal Workers


Demonstrating at the Cerritos Post Office are Hubert Humphrey Democratic Club Membership Chair Norma Williamson and her husband Alan, Linda Hernandez, Wendy Moonier, Al Barlevy, Pamela Crawley, Beverly and William Porter, and Co-President Larry Caballero.


STAFF REPORT • August 15, 2020

Several Hubert Humphrey Democratic Club members have been wearing masks while they hold up signs to show their support for the post office and postal workers.

Since the President said he wants to give less money to the post office to hinder people from voting from their homes rather than standing in lines for hours during a pandemic, the Hubert Humphrey Democratic Club has been demonstrating in front of the Artesia and Cerritos post offices almost every Wednesday.

 “Now is not the time to be complacent when so many of us are dependent on the post office for our mail, including checks and prescriptions,” said Norma Williamson, Membership Chair.


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  • Reply to Mail Protestors says:

    Norma Wiliamson, where is your critical thinking skills towards the post office?

    hy do some older neighborhoods have to have door to door deliveries, with mail delivered six days a week, when other neighborhoods have curbside boxes for delivery and some neighborhoods have group mailboxes?

    USPS needs to work more efficiently and that is also with mail delivery, some neighborhoods only have mail delivery 5 days a week, others have it six days a week, really wondering if we need service that many times per week, if three times a week would be sufficient.

    Many sections of the country have special designated mailboxes for mail delivery in the same city, Why Can’t This Be Universal. Why can’t mail delivery be performed by more handicapped personal, there sure is enough handicapped people who would appreciate a mail delivery job. Some upper hoods have robotic mail pilasters at the curbside, which reduces delivery time, this needs to be duplicated in more and more area, to expedite deliveries.

  • On-line Shopping says:


    Many older homes either in their garages, kitchens or laundry room, have a built in milk-door or a ice-cube door, and they’re converting those doors now into online shopping receiving areas . it’s a great place for UPS and FedEx and the post office to drop off parcels thru those old doors and drop in to the house or garage for security deliveries.

  • Curbside Blue Boxes says:

    If the US Postal Service does not remove all the blue metal mailboxes on street corners and curb-sides, the public are going to start stealing mail out of systems, just in order to mess around with the election in November 2020. these boxes have to be moved ASAP.

    Just look how the thieves stole mail from Cerritos USPO substation and the boxes were removed.