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August 14, 2020 Hews Media Group-Los Cerritos Community News eNewspaper

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  • Cal Met Special Meeting says:

    Cal Met:

    Todays Rate: $38 for 2 months
    Todays Valet Rate: Additional $70 for 2 months.

    Have a couple of questions. Are each individual homes only required to contract with calmet or can we go with another private carrier.?

    Does calmet offer any smaller trash cans compared to the ones in Long Beach, Naples island, they have some lighter weight plastic and smaller one, because those properties have to drag the trash cans through their houses to get from the front yard to the backyard the same as some of the homes and am I track. They look a lot like our trash cans but they’re just much skinnier and made out of a lighter weight plastic but with the same type of lid and construction.

    Is there any kind of wiggle room to negotiate a better price for the valet service and hopefully get a Mobile Wash service?

    Presume this meeting we’re going to have at the end of August is going to be for rate adjustment, what do you predict some of the high and low ranges, last night it was mentioned at a meeting that we could see rate increase between 25- 50%.

    Now that everybody is using online shopping a lot of homes have a lot of cardboard boxes and we don’t have enough space for the cardboard boxes at the curbside, is there any other alternative to dispose of the cardboard boxes chopped up.

    Seems like Calmet has eliminated the street clean in house contract and old stand by Dickson Street Cleaning is servicing the 150,000 Cerritos Homes.

    CCC must start thinking outside the box, 15,000 residents need the option of construction TRASH CAN COURTYARDS, to hide the voluminous plastic colored trash cans from site, from 2 story views and from mosquitos and smelling up backyard bedrooms. Calmet containers are too big for storages in side yards, backyard patios and interior of garages.

    Todays Rate: $38 for 2 months
    Todays Valet Rate: Additional $70 for 2 months.

  • Fallen Firemen Parade says:

    L.A. Firefighter, victim of coronavirus, gets air /ground escort from La Palma to Whittier, via Del Amo Blvd at midnight. Many residents in Cerritos, La Palma, Cypress and East Lakewood, stood outside at midnight to witness the event & send off their final good bye prayers.

    Jose M. Perez- A 16 1/2-year veteran of the Los Angeles Fire Department died Saturday from complications of the coronavirus, officials said Sunday.

    Firefighter and paramedic Jose M. Perez, 44, is survived by his wife and three children, according to the Fire Department. He’s the first LAFD firefighter reported to have died of COVID-19 and officials could offer no explanation about being treated in La Palma.

    “Fire Chief Ralph Terrazas and the entire Department send their deepest and most sincere condolences to the Perez family,” a statement from the department said.

    LAFD late Saturday held a procession from La Palma to Perez’ final resting place near Whittier and thanked other agencies in “honoring our brother,” including the La Palma Police Department, the Orange County Fire Authority, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and the California Highway Patrol for their participation.

    A spokesman for the Fire Department could not confirm nor deny why Perez was being treated in La Palma or whether or not he lived here with his family.
    At least 145 LAFD employees have tested positive for COVID-19 since March as 108 of them have returned to work and 36 of them are recovering or have recovered at home, the L.A. Times reported.

    At the family’s wishes, the Los Angeles Fire Department said on Monday they could not provide any further information about Perez’s death.

  • CCC: Frank & RV's says:


    Parked RVs Nationwide are being used besides just for recreational use. Some households are using them for places to quarantine, others are using them for working remotely from their home and others are using the RVs for their stay-at-home students, so they can work and do their homework in one safe place.

    FYI: almost next to it impossible to rent or purchase an RV, because they’re in such high demand ever since we’ve had this pandemic break out in March.

    Strongly feel that the city council should have more empathy towards our RV’s and not try to separate them, yes there is an story behind RV owners, besides almost next to imposable to get repair parts, as many manufacturers are nonessential businesses.

    This city has always had a negative attitude towards RVs, but just remember back to the 1960s and 70s most of these contractors who developed these tracts of homes, advertised as RV size yards and people who purchase those RV lots paid more lot premiums, and then more out of pocket money to developed with water –sewer, fencing , gates, and concrete, all added expenses, not free by buyers.

  • Cerritos Trash Courtyards says:

    Poss. Trash Can Courtyards as Option.

    Many homes in PV have trash can enclosures in the frt yard, compared to this white block wall along side of the garage in this photo. Location of the trash can courtyard is sure alot easier to maneuver trash cans, compared to hiding the trash cans like in Cerritos. Most homes in PV have trash can PU services, 2 times weekly, many are using septic tanks, so need to use trash cans more compared to homes which have sewers.

    Since 60% of the Cerritos HO are seniors, think the city needs some alternative storage areas for trash cans, then hiding them in to side yards and back yards. We need to look at more alternative ways to staging Cerritos Trash cans.

    Trash can courtyards, just looks more professional, compared to Cerritos properties, where the trash cans are just thrown all over the back -side yards, where 2 story homes have to look down at alley of ugly staged trash cans.

    A lot of seniors are falling and breaking their arms and wrists, getting their trash cans out. So now they’re just leaving them in plain sight View and not putting them behind the gate. I don’t have any room to put my trash can so I’ve got to keep mine outside the gate and it looks like hell. I’m completely filled behind the gate. We were supposed to get free valet service for a trash can, that was part of the contract, but still there’s no place to put these cans on a lot of these properties. Some of these properties can’t get them between the gates because of these containers, so they have to drive their cars out of the garage and then put them in the garage to the backyard. Then there’s some houses would have to wheel these carts through the interior of the houses, because they don’t have a side door in their garage to get to the backyard. Some of the homes now are putting in little Courtyards in their front yard and it looks pretty good but they’re not legal, but the city’s just looking the other way censor so many people who are seniors and can’t get these cans around. Our other house we had a situation similar to yours, but we had a little Courtyard in front of the gates to put the cans in and then the trash can service came by and pick them up behind that little Courtyard so they were never out in the street. We’re almost ready to lose this trash can service, they’re kind of fed up with the city. There’s also a quite a few homes putting their trash cans up by their living room windows now, just so they can have easy access to to the trash cans from the front door. You put another 10 more years on to you and Rodger, you’re both going to have issues too getting the trash cans out to the street. And some of these are elderly people are so small, they weigh less than 75 pounds, and they have a hard time with these trash cans so the city is trying to come up with some alternative ways.

    Know some streets down in Naples in Long Beach they’ve had to really downsize the size of the trash cans to Olmos kitchen size trash cans, because the elderly people are having the same issues we’re having up here you can’t maneuver the big ones around when these properties are not large enough. The last two summers, a lot of people have had issues with bugs and mosquitoes with their trash cans and they don’t want to touch him because of getting bites. Those are the hump that usually kept them in the garage is because they had no room on the side.

  • ABC Trustee Vying says:

    ABC Elections:

    Member from Cerritos wrote email today stating that the school district is a result of xenophobic problems and we’ll never get over that in the first or second generation cultural shock which were going through. They said it’s not only Cerritos but it’s a lot of the surrounding cities, we’re spending too much problems trying to mismanaged xenophobia, and we’re not spending enough money on the students and never can spend the money on the students in the school district.

    Same thing with the housing element in Cerritos and some of the surrounding areas they’re just going down down down hill and that’s the result of too much xenophobia all at once.

    Another council person a year or two ago agreed, some cities have a different element compared to Cerritos and we’ll never be that element because the parents are very educated & ABCUSD don’t have that kind of educational level behind the students here and never will. That council person said whenever you have wealthy districts, you’ve got very intellectual parents and that rubs off on the children and that can never be substituted for the education briefly taught in school. When you have a diversity of multi cultures, and they’re all pretty much equal you can get ahead with that.

    Southern California where lopsided in that, and we’ll never going to get ahead in the first or second generations of this changeover.