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Postal Workers Ordered Not to Mail or Handle Flat Mail Which Includes Voting Ballots

BY BRIAN HEWS • July 29, 2020

A postal worker in Wisconsin called into the Randi Rhoads radio show today accusing the government of ordering her supervisor to tell postal workers to hold all “flat and letters mail.”

Flat and letters mail includes voting ballots.

The caller indicated that a letter was read to the workers stating, “Do not touch certain mail, if you touch the flat mail, we will walk you off the workroom floor.”

“It is built up so high, it looks like a mail storage facility in here,” said the caller.

They also are not touching Amazon packages according to the clerk who throws the mail to the carriers.



  • Late mail says:

    Many times, USPO delivery is not coming to residential hoods in 90703, until after 10-11pm. Scary time, so many are installing lockable curbside boxes.

    Some homes have security cameras at curbside mail boxes along with automated box doors.