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Thieves Hit Cerritos ATM With Truck, Get Away With Over $315,000

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BY BRIAN HEWS • July 20, 2020

Thieves ran the back of their apparently stolen truck into an ATM at the Bank of America located on 12221 Artesia this past Saturday and got away with $319,000. They also inflicted $65,000 worth of damage on the ATM.   

A memo obtained by HMG released by the sheriffs read:

“On Saturday, July 18 at approximately 5 AM Cerritos deputies responded to the Bank of America located on Artesia Boulevard regarding a burglary just occurred call. A preliminary investigation revealed that a blue Dodge Ram truck approached the  drive-up ATM machines at the location. The driver of the truck  accelerated and backed into the ATM furthest away from the building. As a result of the force of the collision the ATM was partially dislodged from the concrete base.”

“The other suspects inside the Dodge truck then exited and used pry bar to separate the face plate from the ATM. The drawers inside the machine that contain cash were then taken from the machine. The suspects then returned to the Dodge truck and the truck left the location. Video surveillance at the location depicted at least three male suspects. No witnesses were located at the location.”

“As Cerritos deputies searched the area for suspects or evidence of the bank theft, they located the Dodge truck used in the theft of the banks ATM. The Dodge truck was located, with the engine running and doors open, in the parking lot of the Shell gas station located on 12198 Park Street. No suspects or witnesses were located at that location. Updated information revealed that approximately $319,000 was taken from the ATM machine and the damage to the ATM was estimated at over $65,000. Cerritos sheriff station detectives will conduct the follow up investigation.”


  • BOA says:

    ((Cypress-Ana-BP)) closed BOA | La Palma Reopens BOA this past week, after employee was tested positive for Virus.

  • Del Taco says:

    Seems like this center or another banking center close by, ATM machine was hit yr or two ago, weekend and pre dawn hrs.

  • too comfortable says:

    Where are the Cerritos cops? Oh yeah, parked across Cerritos station and/or Towne Center chatting it up with each other. 🤷🏻‍♂️