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HELPING OUT: 15 year old La Mirada resident Joseph Juarez fills care packages.  



Joseph Juarez, a 15 year old La Mirada resident,  wants to help.

When hardship strikes, people need help. Juarez does not have a website or a social media presence yet, but says, “Those affected by this pandemic are vulnerable families living among us, many are of the minority population in our community.”

His identity as a young Latino and his personal association with those on a low fixed income has inspired him to try and offer as many services to these residents during this financial crisis as possible.

Juarez aspires to provide non-perishable meals for local low-income families in an effort to relieve them of the weekly problems they are facing. “By providing meal packages for families living on low or fixed incomes, it helps them to keep their dignity in an anonymous way,” states Juarez.

“My objective is to raise enough non-perishable food donations to sustain 100 meal packages within three weeks time,” says Juarez.  Meal packages will later be distributed among local low-income families at a selected community park.

“If given the opportunity,” he says, “I would like to make a public announcement of the food drop off and pick up location within a week, with the help of the Lamplighter.”

Food donations would be scheduled Monday through Friday beginning at 10:00 am.

Juarez wants to be a beacon of change for his community, “I have not seen many young men my age attempt to provide relief or diffuse the stresses that this virus has brought. It is vital that my generation, the voices of tomorrow, speak up and show up to help our community.”

Although non-perishable food donations are the goal, all donations would be greatly appreciated. All donations can be delivered to 14322 Elmbrook Drive in La Mirada. For more information please send an email to [email protected]

  • SAUL SOUZA says:

    Wow. Pushing socialism I see. La Mirada institutions provide over 2.1 million dollars in food a year. But some hackwriter LIES and states no one provides help. Mr. Juarez did NOT buy the groceries he packed. FACT!