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State Senator Bob Archuleta Participates in Food Distribution in Montebello

State Senator Bob Archuleta Participates in Food Distribution in Montebello


More than 350 families participated in a food distribution program sponsored by Senator Bob Archuleta (center) , City of Refuge Ministry and the city of Montebello. He was joined by Montebello Mayor Salvador Melendez, Councilmembers Angie Jimenez, David Torres and Jack Hadijian, members of the Montebello police and fire departments, Pico Rivera Councilwoman Monica Sanchez, and MUSD Personnel Commissioner Fernando Chacon and 40 volunteers unloaded trucks of food and distributed bags and boxes of food to people in need during this pandemic crisis as they lined up in their cars at Montebello City Hall.

“Now more than ever, people need assistance with putting food on the table for themselves and their families. Not even this unprecedented public health crisis will stop us from providing aid and support to the community,” Senator Archuleta said. “We will continue to do what we can to make sure those in the Thirty-Second Senate District have the assistance they need because we are all in this together.”

  • Hungry too says:

    What about:
    Haw Gard
    E Lakewood

  • Hoarders says:


    All the sheriffs/ police/ highway patrol unit’s cars which service all of LA County, should have their back seats, roof racks filled with food, water and toilet paper, as economy is not good for the effected pandemic chapters.

    Our markets still have not restocked 100% since hoarding March 2020.