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VIDEO: Over 200 Juveniles Rampaging Through Lakewood Mall

BY BRIAN HEWS • June 26 , 2020, 7:40 pm

Hews Media Group-Cerritos News has confirmed with the Lakewood Sheriff’s that over 200 juveniles rampaged through the Lakewood Mall before being pushed out into the parking lot.

The watch commander at the Lakewood Station did not know if there was any damage done as they are still assessing the situation.

According to the watch commander, the juveniles pushed through the parking lot and were traveling down the major streets shutting down traffic.

According to a social media post a fight broke out and then the kids tried to loot stores.

HMG-CN Will update when available.








  • Franklin Souze says:

    Is there an update on this Lakewood Mall riot incident?

    • Mall says:


      Mall also got hit few weeks ago, during protest rioting, as many stores have wood panels up to protect from breaking glass windows. Sheriff stated 20 stores were looted few weeks ago. That weekend, downtown Long Beach was hit and also, few stores in downtown Artesia