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Cerritos City Councilman Frank Yokoyama organized a vigil for peace and justice at the Cerritos Civic Center, Friday evening, June 5th.


Over 400 are residents came to the event and set up a flower tribute to not only George Floyd, but others who were victims of police violence

The vigil was a combination event dedicated to George Floyd, who was ruthlessly murdered in front of people by Minneapolis police officer, and a tribute to Black Lives Matter.

“I am proud to be unified with my sister the Honorable Artesia Councilmember Melissa Ramoso and my brother the Honorable Former Cerritos Mayor Mark Pulido in a stand for solidarity with our Black Sisters and Brothers against police brutality, injustice, and institutionalized racism in America.,” said Yokoyama, “I believe all people of conscience have a moral imperative to stand up, organize and fight for what is right.”

The evening began with recitations from Asha, Ayanna and Acacia Greenidge of what it means to be a young child in this current chaos. The most poignant was delivered by six year old Acacia, which began “I thought the police were good, I thought I was safe…”

Yokoyama remarked how proud he was of the City of Cerritos for coming together and embracing the diversity of the community and recognizing Black residents with the annual Martin Luther King ceremony. “But we are all here tonight because we all understand that more needs to be done.” In his remarks, Yokoyama, not being able to hold back his emotion, quoted Martin Luther King Jr by saying “Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness.” 

Yokoyama went on to say that he believed that everyone in attendance had chosen to walk in the light of creative altruism – being charged with the mission of finding unique ways to selflessly serve others. “I’m humbled that you have all come this evening to this vigil for George Floyd and all of those that lost their lives without reason.”

Sunflowers were passed out, candles were lit in remembrance and 8 minutes and 46 seconds were held in silence and personal reflection.

VIGIL: (l-r) Cerritos Councilman Frank Yokoyama addresses the crowd. Also attending was Artesia Councilmember Melissa Ramoso, and former Cerritos Mayor Mark Pulido.

  • BLM says:

    Just can’t get in to BLM, I’m for equality for everybody, we all have the same blood, same poop, same creator. Nation has forgotten way too many minorities, not only in color of skin, but economics and health; along with ageism & sexism. I would support loosing most cops and replacement, old cops have too much baggage and dam old unions.

    Nation is going to have to decide, 100% pro/con unions and stop this half way pissing contests. Unions control 50% of our day , but the other 50% is bleeding real bad.

  • Frank should be Mayor says:

    Thank you, Frank and your team for caring about your community including giving out masks and gloves, not just once, delivering food to the needy and embracing our brothers and sisters. Where have our Mayor, Pro Tem and other council members been-busy in their bunkers planning the elimination of school crossing guards—shame on them.

  • Step Meters says:

    To get residents out of their houses, the council needs to start at active campaign called Step meters, see if people could walk 5000 steps a day both the adults and the students in the city.