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Inspections show over 1,000 Los Angeles restaurants not in compliance with coronavirus safety rules


As more sectors of the economy are poised to reopen in Los Angeles County this week, public health officials visited some of the establishments that are already open to check whether they are meeting the county’s requirements to do business.

Officials visited roughly 2,000 restaurants over the weekend and found that half of them were not in compliance with the county’s guidelines.

Health officials expressed alarm at the findings, stressing it is essential that both customers and merchants follow safety guidelines to avoid new coronavirus outbreaks as the economy reopens. California has allowed businesses to reopen at a rapid clip, leading to concerns from some that this could cause the virus to spread more. Although the number of cases continues to rise, officials have said they think it is safe to reopen as long as everyone obeys the rules.

“There should be no places where tables are right next to each other,” Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer said Monday.

Publisher’s note: sounds like huge opportunity to create jobs as restaurant inspectors all over the nation?


  • Dirty says:

    Just call in to city hall, many businesses and restaurants, still remain out of compliance, everywhere, including Cerritos and La Palma.

    Cerritos mall over by Artesia/ Norwalk, everything there is dirty, including the BOA Bank.

    La Palma Mall, La Palma/Carmenita, another filthy dirty strip mall.

    Nonsense, mall owners and store owners world rather make money/care about profits; then care about our health. Bad enough, restaurants around 90703, did not support public and remain open to serve food to patrons in the city.

    Abandoned Carrows-mall, needs some deep cleaning sanitization.