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Floyd Protest Scheduled for Noon Tomorrow in La Mirada




HMG has learned that a George Floyd protest is scheduled for noon tomorrow at La Mirada Regional Park.

They will start in the park and walk down Alicante to La Mirada Blvd. to the Civic Center.

HMG contacted John Lewis who said, “We have a full complement of Sheriffs ready and many more on stand-by, we anticipate it will be peaceful.”

HMG will update when available.

  • Emma says:

    Protest peacefully for the greatest impact!

  • Ella says:

    Enough is Enough. Resources has been deeply wasted that could have been put into good use for coronavirus.
    How much more do you guys want.
    We’re all bleeding us a Country now.
    No more blood left to drain. You guys squeezed it all!

  • Havesting Rites says:

    Nation needs so much more compared to BLM. Not saying that BLM, is not important, but there’s many other underlining causes which are bleeding, causing fatalities/ deaths and out of control: Senior Nursing-housing, medical benefits, 401K benefits, gay pride rights, me to groups and many more.

    BLM is a small chapter in the harvesting of equal rights for everybody. We need to address the abuse and bias of bullyism, sexism, ageism, incest, and the right to practice religion. I’m glad that all these young people are learning a good chapter in political science, but it must reach much farther than BLM, if we’re going to come to a nation.

    From the Watts Riots in 1965, and to day in 2020, the African-American has come a long ways. It still has further to go, but so do all the other above-mentioned groups and chapters in our history.