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Cerritos Furloughs Most Part Time Employees

BY BRIAN HEWS • May 18, 2020

Hews Media Group-Los Cerritos Community News has learned that the city of Cerritos has furloughed most part time employees that work for the city beginning yesterday March 17. The furlough was confirmed by someone who has a relative working for the Parks and Recreation Department and with a source inside City Hall.

HMG-LCCN will update when available.

  • Cerritos Post Office Heights says:

    Cerritos Budget steady meeting,(5/18/2020) forgot critical thinking skills, was only been demonstrated by Frank Yokohama. Budget study was very choppy to say the least. Vo still sounds like he is in a union canister and poor poor Grace, please retire, before it gets to embarrassing. City attorney could not answer Q/A.

    Still do not have council capable of critical thinking skills for our Financial futures. For many years we have not needed a Park and Recreation and we should get rid of all the part-time employees. so many of those Park and Recreation programs we’re being attended by outside Residents at the cost of the city of Cerritos Budget.

    Last nights meeting was very choppy, really inconclusive in many avenues. Finally turned the meeting off, council really were not prepared, not professional & were all over the table. Still top heavy in Mgmt: 1 City Manager, 2 Assist City Managers and all the staff to run the Library and CCPA. Illimante 50% sheriffs and replace by private security patrol, which would save the city millions compared to te LASD.

    Get rid of over night parking ordinance, street sweeping parking ordinance, code enforcement and reduce the commissions to just 4 meetings yr., do not need to meet on a monthly basis.

    Ms.Edwards, Barrows and George Ray all created budgetary problems in the past, glad they were not re-elected back to office. If Ms Edwards demonstrated her work skills per her term working in the hospitals, city would really be hit with many labor lawsuits. All 3 of them, are too old relics for an city…….