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Cerritos Crime Summary May 4-10, 2020

Compiled by HMG Staff from Cerritos Sheriff’s Online Report

May 13, 2020

There was 22 part one crimes reported, down from 31 the week before; 2020 running average stands at 27.6 per week, down from the 2019 average of 33.2.

Miscellaneous crimes were 3, down from 7 the week before; 2020 running average is 7.4, down from 8.8 in 2019.

Alarm calls were 33, down from 35 compared to the week before; 2020 running average is 40.1, down from 47.9 in 2019.

Calls for service were 259, down from 269 compared to the week before; 2020 running average is 267.6 calls per week down from 317.2 calls in 2019.


Crimes reported by category:

Location                                 Type                           Stolen

Residential Burglary

12400 Blk Carnaby                 Bedroom door             Two gold rings

Other Burglary

11500 Blk South St                 Store                            Key stolen lockbox

17200 Blk Studebaker            Business                     PO Boxes pried open

12400 Dawn Ln.                     Business                     Tools

Grand Theft Auto

13700 Blk Midway                 N/R                            Honda fit (rcvrd)

Vehicle Burglary

19200 Blk Teresa Wy            N/R                             Window smshd., speaker

13000 Blk Rocky Rvr. Ln.     N/R                             Window smshd., wallet, bag

17500 Fabrica Wy                  N/R                             3 batteries

The Cerritos Sheriff’s stress this is preliminary data subject to change.



  • Face Masked burglars says:

    Keep the parked cars shampooed and cleaned at least one time per week. Residents are Parking them in the driveway or the Front Street. There is no street parking ordinance, so many people are parking their cars on the street. Be sure to keep the club on the steering wheel and have a lockable gas cap, many cars are having gas siphoned out of them.

    At night time, be sure to keep the yard lights on: front- both sides/ back yards, burglars do not want to commit crimes where they can be seen, so keep as many night lights on as possible. Use LED light bulbs technology, they’re very cheap to run and much cheaper than having to pay the deductibles for cars which have been burglarized or stolen.

    Play musical cars, move the cars around in the street and a driveway so it looks like somebody’s using the car’s 24/7.

    Operational night light does work. CERRITOS PROPERTY OWNERS, keep yards maintained meticulously, more time spent in the garden, LESS time burglars will be cruising neighborhoods.

    MAKE YOUR KIDS, walk and play outside, they are the sheriffs eyes/ ears. Kids are better then burglar alarms, since working remotely from home.