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Cerritos parking moratorium on overnight parking restrictions will be extended

Cerritos’  moratorium on overnight parking restrictions, which was set to expire on May 15, 2020, has been extended until June 15, 2020.
City official noted the “continuing complexities created by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.”
Citations will not be issued for violating the City’s ordinance requiring an overnight parking permit or for parking on a public street during restricted times for street sweeping until after the moratorium.
City official indicated they could extend past June 15 if circumstances require.
  • Handicaper says:

    If any car parked overnight in Cerritos, has a handicap placard or permanent disability license plates, that’s an evergreen parking permit 24/7, so there’s no need to get an overnight parking permit for Evermore. This can work on the operating car, or an alternative car, as long as there’s a handicap placard attached to it. Most cities across the state, have adopted this policy for handicap.