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May 8, 2020 Hews Media Group-Los Cerritos Community News eNewspaper

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  • Mama says:

    Happy Mothers Day .

    Many mothers across the city of Cerritos, will be in Harmony in singing the blues, with the blue Jacaranda trees in bloom this month, because this weekend and Easter, our Parks remain closed, plus many mothers will be forgotten because of the deaths of many relatives from this pandemic.

    Just learned that many students and teens are NOT involved with the Neighborhood Watch (NW) program, we need to start the pathway to critical thinking now and spreading the seeds for Good Neighbor Policies, with our students and ABC School District. Students are really the eyes and ears of our community, since there are out in the neighborhoods daily . Next time you hold a Neighborhood Watch meeting, be sure to invite the children, they are the heartbeat of any City. We must not Shield them from what’s being heard/ or discussed in our neighborhood watch meetings, because Neighborhood Watch is a Good Neighbor policy of real reality. Our children must not be shielded of what’s happening in our communities. We as parents, are mentors for our flock and this must also spread over in to the Neighborhood Watch. Cerritos was built on family values, so lets include families to the Neighborhood Watch Meetings. Talked to 3 former councilpersons, they do not have NW in their tract, so please spread the word, we all need to share during this pandemic. NW is not only for crime reporting, but practicing Good Neighbor Policies to all was born in 1933.

    Since many of you will be walking our 9 mile square of city streets this weekend, due to the park closures, it would be great if more and more homes could have seats or benches in the parkways, so pandemic walking families, can stop and enjoy (…THE VIEW… )in the city. Also many times, we have on our front porch, unlimited free Sodas, so if you’re out walking, you can stop by and get a treat and say hi. It’s a good element for being a good neighbor and fantastic meet/ greet Icebreaker.

    Do you all remember the horrible heat wave around 4th July 2018, over 150 residents, COLLECTIVELY, took an evening bike ride thru La Palma- Cerritos and south on the Los Coyotes Flood Control, to get out and be part of the community? What a great end product for that particular Neighborhood Watch Group. They all were able to inter act with many neighborhoods, parks and streets, as a large team.

    Please read about some of the rich history in the City and do not be bashful, write me a note if we can add more past memories. Remember to hang the USA garden flag out in front, for all the families affected by this pandemic, everyone is in our hearts this special weekend.

    FYI: 75 Yrs ago today, WW2 ended. May 8, 1945.

  • Andy Nursery says:


    To my knowledge Cerritos never had a landscape nursery, but we did have nearby Kitano’s Nursery in La Palma, in the famous Andy’s Nursery in the city of Artesia. Andy Nurseries had a growing grounds in nearby Chicago area- Bellflower, Ca.

    Andy’s personal Botanic Garden Home, located on 178th/Gridley, Artesia, 11504 178th St
    Artesia, CA 90701; and was home to many foreign exchange students from Europe for many decades.

    Both of those Nurseries supplied a lot of horticulture /Landscape products to the Cerritos residents, who are developing homes in Cerritos-La Palma, during the build out stages from the late 60’s- 90’s. Gemco-Fedco-Sears-Builders Emporium, all had exterior garden section. Alice’s nursery was located on the Cerritos-Norwalk borders, which were very irregular city boundary lines and changed over time.

  • Former Summer St Resident says:

    Artesia City Mayor: Artesia Mayor Ali Sajjad Taj

    Have to disagree with your thinking today.
    When the population for diversity, ( Flood Gates were opened), on both coastlines : East/West Coast, we lost a lot of critical thinking procedures, plus common sense. My gut feeling this is why both coasts were hit so hard with said pandemic. Socal has lost the workforce in the United States, we have turned over many good employment jobs, over to China and we are not a Manufacturing nation anymore. Manufacturers which we had for so many decades, have deserted Southern California, for example: Hughes, McDonald Douglas, Boeing, Northrop, General Motors, Ford, the RV industry, TRW, Rockwell, North American, Autonetics, Vultee, and so forth.

    Socal is an employers embarrassment and city of Artesia is not the once proud area settled by the Dutch/ Portuguese.

    ABCUSD has done nothing to aid in this Pandemic, and the school district at large, has given very little to the seniors in the greater Dairy Valley.

    Decaying Andy’s Botanic Gardens and Personal Compounds, 178th St., Artesia, Ca, is just another fine example, how common sense has vacated city of Artesia. Pioneer Blvd in Downtown Artesia is an improvement, but look at the once famous Summer Street, many homes are falling in to urban Menopause Hands. Then look at Armstrong Nursery on Artesia Blvd, been sitting vacant for more the 2 decades and is weed patch to blite. Bobby McGees Restaurant Bad, another city embarrassment.

    Covid 19 data may not be correct. Yes, low numbers, but least month went by, when Artesia data was dumped in to Cerritos. When Health Depart. Separated the 2 cities, no supporting facts, how many reports were purged for Artesia, in order for the cross-over, to consummate Artesia as stand alone reporting.

    Active cases does not reflect fatalities in any city…..hence, Artesia maybe reporting low data, but 1,000 cases could have been breached in transfer and another 1,000 fatalities are being purged, Health Department is not reporting deaths………..
    Summary, Artesia data bank by the Depart of Health, is most likely incorrect.

    Some of us were around when the Spanish Virus hit in 1918 and when polio hit the world around 1950. Both times, you were not in USA nor Artesia…….Science education is just small fragment of learning opportunities for critical thinkers. STEM is over used, potty language to many.