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Cerritos Crime Summary April 27-May 3, 2020


There was 31 part one crimes reported, same as 31 from the week before; 2020 running average stands at 27.9 per week, down from the 2019 average of 33.2.

Miscellaneous crimes were seven, up from two the week before; 2020 running average is 7.7, down from 8.8 in 2019.

Alarm calls were 35, up from 27 compared to the week before; 2020 running average is 40.5, down from 47.9 in 2019.

Calls for service were 269, up from 219 compared to the week before; 2020 running average is 268.1 calls per week down from 317.2 calls in 2019.


Crimes reported by category:


Location                                 Type                           Stolen

Residential Burglary

18700 Blk Del Rio Pl.            Shared Garage             Mountain bike

18700 Blk Del Rio Pl.            Shared Garage             Make-up bags, Meds.

13500 Blk Felson St.             Garage open                Grass trimmer

Other Burglary

11500 Blk South St                 Construction site         Cement compactor stolen

13100 Blk Alondra Bl            Business                     Laptop

12400 Dawn Ln.                     Home                         Blender, drill

Grand Theft

12700 Blk Towne Ctr Dr        Store                           Tailgate from Toyota

13200 Blk Moore St.             Business                      Catalytic converter stolen

16200 Blk Spring Pk. Ln.       Business                      Hyundai, not recovered

Vehicle Burglary

20200 Blk Bloomfield             Store                            Backpack, Ipad

13500 Blk Village Dr            N/R                             Misc papers

18900 San Gabriel Ave.          Store                            Window smshd., backpack

12600 Artesia Bl.                    Store                            Backpack, Veh. Reg.

12800 Blk Moore St.             Business                      Window smshd., money

11800 Blk. South St.              Bank                            Window smshd., wallet

12800 Blk Moore St.             Business                      Damaged door locks

16400 Blk. Greelake Ln.        N/R                            Window smshd., keys

18800 Blk. Belshire                N/R                            Window smshd., phone charger, sunglasses


The sheriff department stresses the data is subject to change.








  • Whitman says:

    Well the neighborhood watch programs, are not what they used to be a couple of years ago. They’re not very active anymore, except for a few of them, and sorry to say, most neighborhood-watch zones are not including kids / teens/ students. All you’re getting is just a lot of adults, and think it would be more beneficial to get the students involved with neighborhood watch programs, since they are more active in the community on a day-to-day basis, w/ schools and transportation in and out of the city.

    Now that so many residents are remotely working from home, cars are sitting in the front yards lot longer, and our targets of burglaries and robberies.

    Many stores and business are closed forevermore, so makes for ideal situation for crimes.

    Homeless are untouchable by LASD/ LP PD, no one wants to spend time cleaning up around poss. carriers of the pandemic.

    LASD states, keep yard lights on, 360 degree around your home all nite, burglar never wants to be seen by yard lites, plus keep things out of site in cars and secure car w/ alarm, steering wheel lock and gas cap lock. Houses working remotely, are keeping lid on home burglars and home invasion, compared to few yrs ago. Get a good home burglar alarm.


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