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Cerritos Councilmember Frank Yokoyama Invites Residents to Mask and Glove Giveaway to Fight COVID-19 Spread

Cerritos Councilmember Frank Yokoyama


Cerritos Councilmember Frank Aurelio Yokoyama is hosting and inviting residents to a mask and glove giveaway to help stop the spread of COVID-19, this Saturday, May 9 from 10 to 11 AM at the Sprouts Farmers Market, located at 11900 South Street in Cerritos.

Attending the event will be current Cerritos Councilmember Grace Hu and former Cerritos Mayor Mark Pulido.

The masks and gloves are being donated by current Cerritos Planning Commissioner Jennifer Hong and Cerritos resident Dr. Leo Perez, who recently announced his candidacy for the District 4 seat on the ABCUSD School Board.

Councilmember Yokoyama told HMG-LCCCN, “For those in need of disposable masks and gloves, we will be distributing a limited supply this Saturday. This is a walk-up event, for everyone’s safety, do not park curbside,  items will not be delivered to vehicles. Please practice social distancing when picking up items and once you have received your masks and gloves, please leave the area to ensure COVID-19 safety protocols are maintained. No identification is necessary and our event is open to all.”





  • Plowboys Farmers Market says:

    Former Cerritos Mary Mark Pulido, do not understand this phrase, Is this referencing death or divorce?

    Most seniors who need these masks, can not afford to Shop at Sprouts, this is a specialty store and very very expensive, prices compared to Gelson Markets.

    Compare Cerritos Restaurants, most are closed and 9 surrounding cities, restaurants have been open during pandemic.

  • Plow Boys Farmers Market says:

    Sprouts is $$$, not many seniors shop there, it is more like a Gelsons Market. Shoppers whom patronize Sprouts can afford to purchase custom face masks with jewels, air pumps, etc.

  • Lincoln Station says:

    Sprouts is in the Lincoln Station city of Cerritos. Many decades ago before that was developed, that used to be Artesia Hay and Feed and home to S&J Chevrolet plus the storage area for a lot of concrete trucks, building the 91 and the 605 Freeway throughout the greater Dairy Valley area.

    Owners of S & J Chevrolet, lived in Newport Beach and relocated in the 70’s, in to Cerritos Auto Mall.

  • Emily Duren says:

    Hi! I am a cancer patient and can’t get a ride at that time and can’t be around that many people. Is there any chance a box of each could be left with sprouts managment or some other solution? I dont mind paying but I desperately need these items.