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May 1, 2020 Hews Media Group-Los Cerritos Community News eNewspaper

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  • Senior Pantry says:

    Karen and Tammy

    ————–RE: Senior Pantry——————


    Thank you for having the critical thinking skills to create alternative avenues for the NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH (NW) program. NW program is a fantastic Universal DIAMOND key, to many other GHOSTLY neighborhood projects like you’ve demonstrated with: Food bank, Christmas Holiday Decorations, Walks and the various meet and greet events you’ve held in the past .

    Majority of the NW zones are poor at best, not hooked up to WhatsApp, and are providing little service as a Good Neighbor policy . Your food bank, you can open up the doors to many other Big Brother events, NW can hold throughout the city. Majority of the people may have a college degree, flood gates are open to diversity, but they cannot think outside the box, compared to your many chapters for NW.. Greatly disappointed in the City w/ regards to the NW, because it is being used as political rape, social fairy and also being turned on and off compared to our utilities companies brown outs.

    Poor poor me, may be old and not affiliated with the proper political parties/ social gurus in the city, but been around many cities in California-Across the Nation. You have done tremendous NW amendments and facilitated many note worthy events, applauded for your efforts, especially senior food bank close to Cerritos Post Office.

    LCCN did an excellent article on reviewing the senior dinner, this is just shameful for any city council to stand behind. Los Angeles County has an program for senior meals, three delicious meals a day, compared to this canine food tray the city of Cerritos is backing.


    Hope our Cerritos Council, La Palma Council and Police- Sheriffs can be educated on your NW GPS and recreate the Program, because this city, when we emerge from this pandemic mode, is going to be riveted with economical issues, heard of new born babies and the NW zones are going to have to provide alternative entertainment via education to the 50,000 residents. Rebirth of NW will be our new stimulus. La Palma NW has died a slow death too. All NW are going to have to address and give aid to the failing code enforcement, this has to be new future chapter to unveil, or all of the NW eyes are waste, if the homes are eaten away from URBAN MENOPAUSE. Little free elbow grease seeds from neighbors, speak volume to the scratch n sniff tests for GOOD NEIGHBOR POLICY..