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April 13-19 Cerritos Crime Summary



There was 17 part one crimes reported, down from 21 the week before; 2020 running average stands at 27.5 per week, down from the 2019 average of 33.2.

Miscellaneous crimes were two, down from seven the week before; 2020 running average is 8.1, down from 8.6 in 2019.
Alarm calls were 26, up from 23 compared to the week before; 2020 running average is 41.7, down from 47.9 in 2019.

Calls for service were 209, up from 156 compared to the week before; 2020 running average is 271.1 calls per week down from 317.2 calls in 2019.

Crimes reported by category:

Other Burglary
11900 Blk South St; Business; rear metal doors smashed using car; pool cleaner stolen
16000 Blk Piuma Ave; Storage Facility; door cut lock; cauldrons stolen
10800 Blk Alondra Bl; Gym Door; used key from stolen lockbox; snacks from vending machine stolen

Grand Theft
12700 Blk Towne Ctr Dr; Business; wallet stolen
12200 Blk Del Amo Bl Business; Catalytic converter stolen;
7200 Blk Norwalk Bl; Store; necklace stolen;
12200 Blk Artesia Bl; Bank; necklace

Grand Theft Auto
11800 Blk Edwards Rd; 2002 GMC Yukon
10900 Blk Alondra Bl; 1997 Chevy Astro
10900 Blk Alondra Bl; 2000 Ford F250
13700 Blk Anthony Dr; 2002 Toyota 4 Runner

Vehicle Burglary
19700 Blk Miguel Ave; window smashed; wallet stolen
11800 Blk South St; Restaurant; window smashed;
2015 Honda; rear driver window/shattered
13600 Blk Abana Dr; 2009 Honda; front passenger window/shattered
14100 Blk Arbor Pl; Business; 1996 GMC; rear window; tool box stolen




  • Bang Bang says:

    Well crimes are up and Cerritos CC is negotiating annual budget for the LASD.

    Please just employ some good security patrol, that will scare away burglars and robbers.

    Sell off all of the LASD SUV which came equipped w/ License Plate readers, million dollars of wasted tax payers money, and we still have broken and crumbly sidewalks, streets and tree roots.

    City does not need that deteriorating LASD RV Van either, sell for scrap metal. Most of the time it remains unlocked and a home for the homeless at teh sculpture center.