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Worcester MA. Closes Walmart After 23 Employees Get Coronavirus

WORCESTER, MA — Worcester city officials shut down a Walmart Supercenter in the city on Wednesday after almost two dozen people connected to the store were diagnosed with coronavirus.

The first case connected to the store was found on April 8, City Manager Edward Augustus Jr. said, but the bulk of the 23 infections were detected over the last week.

The store will only be allowed to reopen after a deep cleaning, and after all approximately 400 employees at the store have been tested for coronavirus. City officials have been in touch with the Walmart corporate office to get testing in place.


  • Walmart Boon docking. says:

    Article failed to mention, face mask, gloves and glass shields at the check out stands, plus do they allow for RV Overnight staging/boon-docking in the parking lots and allow parking lot staging to use the restrooms.

    Many of the exterior staging lines, are filthy, not only at Walmart but many other retail parking lots, stores need to power wash their exterior entryways and cart corals areas, as for most part, many stores are filthy.

    Stores exterior outside lines, need sun shields and all weather protection canopies, heat is starting in many areas of the nation, along with thunder storms.

    Disgusting many grocery stores allow for public nibbling in the fruit/ veggie departments, including outside farmer style markets.

    Restrooms need to be cleaner, cause public bring in mosquitoes, nats, body lice and homeless tape worms, all areas known to be freeway for Covid19.