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Su Casa is Expanding Services With Project Safe Haven During Safe at Home Quarantine

Su Casa – Ending Domestic Violence has announced that it has joined Project Safe Haven, a collaborative effort by the Los Angeles Mayor’s Fund to shelter survivors of domestic violence.

At a time when NBC news is reporting a 20% increase in domestic violence reports and shelters are reducing numbers of residents to allow for social distancing, a new approach was needed. Singer Rihanna joined forces with Twitter Chief Executive Jack Dorsey, and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti to help victims of domestic violence during the lock down period.

Project Safe Haven is a collaborative of domestic violence shelters coming together to secure safe housing for 900 domestic violence survivors to who are not safe in their homes the County Health Order to stay inside and be protected from the spread of Coronavirus.

When more restrictive containment measures were implemented, domestic violence victims become particularly vulnerable. Children being home from school, financial insecurity, isolation, and an inability to utilize normal coping mechanisms due to limited mobility are some of the factors that cause a spike in domestic violence related crime.

The current domestic violence shelter capacity is full and shelter in place orders limit options for survivors leaving shelters. This situation is reducing turnover and limiting intake of new victims. As a result, in Los Angeles County, domestic violence shelters are turning away 90 victims per week due to lack of shelter beds. Through Ith Su Casa will be able to place those trying to leave an abusive relationship in a local participating hotel under an anonymous identity. Once the client’s housing and shelter needs have been met, Su Casa will provide case management, counseling, and emergency funding to provide food, medical appointments, and transportation.

Access and information about Project Safe Haven is available by calling Su Casa’s 24/7 Crisis Hotline at (562) 402-4888. Su Casa – Ending Domestic Violence has been providing emergency shelter and supportive services for survivors of domestic violence in the community for over 40 years.


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    Reads like this may be a new breeding ground for any and all viruses, compared to the deaths being played out across the nation in regards to Senior Nursing Homes.