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AUDIO: Rogue Central Basin Directors Once Again Disrupt Board Meeting


In what is becoming commonplace, Central Basin (CB) Directors Joshuana “John” Oskoui, who is the Assistant City Manager for the city of Downey, and Director Bob Apodaca deliberately interrupted yesterday’s regular board meeting, with Apodaca violating the Brown Act and halting the meeting only 15 minutes after it started.

The 15 minute meeting is on audio sent to Hews Media Group yesterday, listeners are urged to skip the formalities and start at 3:10.

Current CB attorney Anthony Willoughby attempted to broker a deal where they could continue the meeting, but Apodaca and Oskoui would not listen and were extremely disrespectful in telling Willoughby they would not move forward.


CB Directors Bob Apodaca, Joshuana “John” Oskoui and Dan Arrighi


Four of the Board members, President Leticia Vasquez, Vice President Art Chacon, and Directors Martha Camacho-Rodriguez and Phil Hawkins were also intent on conducting the meeting, but Oskoui and Apodaca refused.

It seems that unless Apodaca can be called the president and Oskoui vice-president, they will not allow any board meeting to continue.

“It’s like two immature kids, if they do not get their tinker toys, they won’t come out and play,” said one observer, “Apodaca yells I’m the president, Oskoui yells don’t interrupt me, both bring the meeting to a level where nothing can get done.”

In what is a now a familiar mantra, Oskoui begins the meeting by announcing he does not recognize Anthony Willoughby as the agency’s lawyer nor does he recognize Leticia Vasquez or Art Chacon as officers.

And Oskoui is wrong about his assertion that Willoughby is not CB’s attorney.

During the first court teleconference concerning the appointment of Vasquez and Chacon, Finance Manager Andrew Hamilton was somehow allowed to speak and asserted Willoughby was not CB’s attorney.

A surprised Superior Court Judge Samantha Jessner asked Hamilton if there was there a Substitute of Attorney, Hamilton answered no.

Jessner then angrily asked Hamilton, “who are you,” and snapped back, “you are not allowed to speak, the court recognizes Willoughby as Central Basin’s attorney.”


The minute order declaring Willoughby as Central Basin’s attorney.


When Vasquez and Chacon tried once again to move the meeting along with Willoughby, Oskoui once again went out of order and interrupted the meeting.

“You are not our attorney,” Oskoui yelled, “this is not the time for you to speak. Let’s quit pretending you are an employee of the Board of Directors, if you want to talk, do so in public comment.”

Sitting in his office was Hamilton, who was recalled as Mayor of Lake Forest and is an ally of Apodaca and Oskoui,  running the virtual meeting through his personal Zoom account.

Hamilton has been called out for the use of the personal Zoom account since that should be the purview of Cecelia Pulido, the board secretary.

But Hamilton has literally locked CB’s building, allowing only employees inside while denying elected officials entrance; so he is basically running the agency.

And it is evident he has “gone 5150,” which is California law code for individuals who present a danger to themselves or others.

When Hamilton first locked the building down, he placed a padlock and chain on the front door, if there would have been a fire in the back of the building, employees would have been trapped, as there are only two exits.

In another incident President Vasquez entered the building and attempted to retrieve credit card records related to Hamilton; Hamilton called the LA County Sheriffs and allegedly filed a false police report to have her detained, Vasquez was eventually released.

And there are other instances where Hamilton has been extremely insubordinate, while also getting caught misusing public funds to pay agency vendors.


Central Basin Finance Director, Lawyer Approved Unauthorized Payments to GM Kevin Hunt After Hunt was Fired


Central Basin Appointed Directors and Finance Director Disrespect L.A. County Supervisor Janice Hahn


Now he is acting as puppet for Apodaca, cutting off public meetings and violating the Brown Act.

After speaking for a large part of the fifteen minute meeting, Oskoui yelled, “this is ridiculous, I am leaving,” and Apodaca moved to adjourn the meeting.

Since a quorum still existed, a move like that requires a second and then a vote of the participating board members, none of which occurred, yet Board Secretary Cecelia Pulido declared that Apodaca adjourned the meeting.

Vasquez ignored Pulido and attempted to move the meeting forward, but Sandy Linares Plimpton, an employee listening in on the meeting asked, “Cecilia [Pulido] there is no meeting right?”

Pulido agreed and Hamilton said, “the meeting is now ended thank you for participating,” and hung up on everyone.

CB President Leticia Vasquez commented, “Because Mr. Oskoui disagrees with the Central Basin board, he opts to perpetuate the lies that the agency is operating without a general counsel and general manager. His bald-face lies continue to harm the district financially.”

“When Mr. Oskoui was challenged on those lies he and his rogue colleague Director Bob Apodaca illegally ‘adjourned’ the meeting without notice or consultation.”

“It’s crystal clear that Mr. Oskoui’s sole purpose for serving on the Board is to wreak havoc, chaos and confusion. I urge the entire Downey City Council to conduct their own investigation of these matters, it is in the best interest of all parties involved that Mr. Oskoui resign immediately.”