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ARTESIA MAYOR PRO TEM  Rene Trevino (2nd from right) gathering food items with (l-r) Jonny Gutierrez, Anthony Gonzales, and Linda Gonzales. With them is  David Godinez Stater Brothers Store Manager. For more information on the program  contact Rene Trevino at 562.842.7310 or email him at [email protected].



Artesia Mayor pro tem Rene Trevino and Linda Gonzalez have organized a small food giveaway for Artesia residents who may be experiencing food insecurities, as well as delivering food to the elderly during these exceptional times. 

The first delivery was held on April 4th and then again on Saturday, April 11th. The group has received donations from Artesia Business Owner Pravin Patel; Frank Bellospirito, Artesia Chamber of Commerce; California Dairies; Driftwood Dairies in El Monte; Kenny Gonzalez and South Coast Commercial Interiors [ SCCI].

“What we were not able to receive from donations, was purchased with private funds. We wanted to make sure that the food baskets were complete, offering two or three meals and essentials, such as toilet paper,” said Trevino.

Another food delivery for Artesia residents has been scheduled for Saturday, April 18. 

“Linda and I decided to step up and do something very personal for the residents of our city that were in need of a little bit of extra assistance,” remarked Trevino, “in the last two weeks we have been able to deliver food to over 80 families. These are families that are in need due to the stay at home order or are elderly and cannot go out shopping.”

The group will continue the food giveaway as long as there is a stay-at-home initiative in place. A drive through system has been established at the offices of a drive-through system located at the office of SCCI in Artesia.  This process allows social distancing while continuing to serve the city. 

For more information or to contribute contact Rene Trevino at 562.842.7310 or email him at [email protected]

  • Moody Hot dog says:

    Wow, sure dont see La Palma nor Cerritos giving much needed aid to the seniors, which are the back bone to every city, especially since the city of Cerritos and La Palma have so many senior housing communities on every other corner.

    Thanks you to Artesia and hugs to the Mayor!

  • Holy Family says:

    Isnt Holy Family church and rectory located in the city of Artesia, why hasnt the catholic church stepped up to the plate and have a food bank of some sort for the oldies located in the city and have given alot to this parish?

    Holy Family is known to be the crown jewel for Artesia History.