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April 17, 2020 Hews Media Group-Los Cerritos Community Newspaper eNewspaper

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    LCCN: Peonies flowers are The Gardener’s Choice, and also used in many artist paintings. God created a stand-alone flower, upon created a peony.

    Sometimes the soil/weather is not accommodating in the Cerritos Dairy Valley for this flower. If interested in trying out this flower, suggest creating a small raised flower bed, somewhat like a raised vegetable flower bed where the soil is light and well-drained. Also planting this on the north side of a house or a backyard, it helps shield from the excessive heat waves, experienced in the summer and the fall months. Winter refrigeration urges healthy peonies.

    Creative botanists have come up with some interesting peonies which will work out fine, in our particular weather Zone, which is between a 9-10. They don’t need that cold weather in the wintertime to survive. Also Impatiens Oliverii, impatiens flower which also grows 3-5 ft tall, is a good companion to the PEONIE.

    Another gardeners favorite FLOWER BED mix with peonies is are famous hydrangeas which come in many colors from blue, white, pink, and mixtures. Be sure that you get a hydrangea for Southern California, because hydrangeas is a huge family and they have specific hydrangeas for wet regions, snow regions, and severe weather regions. They not only come in shrubs, they also come in a ground cover, and small trees. Hydrangeas do work in the greater Dairy Valley area if you get the specific cultivar for our area. Many of the older farm homes in greater Dairy Valley, have old hydrangea stock, which was imported from Europe, over 100 yrs ago.

    From time to time, the following nurseries do carry peonies during various times of the year:
    Armstrong Nursery in Long Beach- Torrance- Palos Verdes-Tustin-Fullerton; ,

    H & H Nursery in Lakewood, Lakewood Nursery in Cypress;

    Site one Nursery in Huntington Beach-Orange;

    Roger’s Gardens in Newport Beach.

    Never seen peonies for sale at Home Depot or Lowe’s, but both stores have developed inventories for more unusual cultivars of bulbs, and flowers this past year.


    Cattle Call : If anybody has the time be sure to drive out to the Yorba Linda Superstore in Savi Ranch off the 91 freeway, that Home Depot has one of the best garden supply stores of any of the box stores. Said store is stand alone location for many: Gardeners, Nursery people, Horticulturalist, and Landscape designers and architects. Their patio section is is so superb there is no comparison. Said location was used for TV Advertisement decade ago, featuring a local resident shopping for plants and flowers. Gas is cheap, freeways are not crowded, step out of our region and visit Home Depot along 91 Fwy in Yorba Linda, Ca.

    This may be the time many residents in the greater Dairy Valley, start investing in their patios and Gardens, as it looks like it’s going to be a summer which is going to be absent of shopping trips, vacation trips, amusement park trips and concerts. Make the best out of your backyard, it’s a free living room back there, and many people have forgotten it is a very Diversified part of your real estate.

    Please read about PEONIES in center of this weeks publication.