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TWO MEALS ON WHEELSvolunteers from La Mirada don PPE to deliver meals to local area residents. For more information, call (562) 943-0037 or visit mealsonwheelslamirada.org


Meals On Wheels La Mirada is not stopping during this unprecedented time.

Celebrating 45 years with a mission of  “service with friendship,”  local area volunteers have lived up to this mission since April of 1975, when five volunteers began a delivery route to provide meals to five homebound clients, to give them the opportunity to remain self-sufficient at home.

Over the years, the mission to deliver meals and provide daily visits to the elderly, disabled, and chronically or temporary ill members of the community, began to grow.

This was possible with the help of many volunteers.

The caring volunteers use their own vehicles and gasoline, while helping deliver more than 643,000 meals to more than 2,700 clients in La Mirada.

VOLUNTEERS pack meals for homebound seniors in La Mirada.

In addition to delivering meals, volunteers also provide daily visits to people who sometimes don’t see anyone else throughout the day.

Even through these unprecedented times, Meals On Wheels La Mirada volunteers continue to give back to the community.

They continue to serve registered clients, who for a minimal cost receive a hot meal at home.  Most of the Meals On Wheels office staff and volunteers reside in La Mirada and neighboring cities, like Whittier and Buena Park.  Many of these volunteers have given of their time for several years, with the longest volunteer serving for 30 years!

Funding for the nutrition program comes from the City of La Mirada, corporate and private donations, and fundraisers held in partnership the La Mirada Kiwanis Club, Kappa Delta Phi Sorority, and the La Mirada Ebell Club.  For the past five years, Lascari’s Restaurant in Whittier has provided food for the program.

Through everyone’s generous support, Meals On Wheels La Mirada can provide financial assistance to community members in need. For more information, call (562) 943-0037 or visit http://mealsonwheelslamirada.org

  • Cerritos Senior Meals says:

    Honorable Cerritos Mayor and Council:

    Can you do an audit on the Cerritos Center for Senior Meals for curbside pickup during this pandemic? Advertised as restaurant quality food, but is not very nutritious food. Took few samples of the food to my geriatric doctors, said the meals were not senior friendly. Processed food, had very little vitamins, hard fruit which is no no for senior teeth and cookies were hard as concrete, another no no for senior teeth. Menu had no fresh veggies, no salads, no fresh meats, no pastries, and so forth. It was all instant processed food, diluted and no vitamins for aging. Seen other seniors menus outside of Cerritos and they appear much different.

    Doctors said the food should be: fresh chicken, fresh fish, fresh poultry, fresh beef-pork, fresh lamb, along with fresh salad, fresh potatoes/rice, milk and fruit juices and sm. fruits. Fresh breads, fresh pastries, and not few slices of old bread which they gave us. There was no butter nor no jelly.

    My 100 YO mom would not even look at the poor quality food we received on 4/8/2020 curbside pickup and mom and myself are both disabled and old and have hard time grocery shopping, since both seniors & staying in place during pandemic. I took it to (2) doctors and they said it was one of the poorest quality dinners they have been asked to investigate.

  • Meals on Life Supports says:

    So much of senior food is just Mundane, there’s no real health value to so many of their aged menus. This is an area, not regulated nor governed by standards very much.

    Senior housing, Nursing homes, Care Centers, Geriatrics facilities, all serve not very healthy menu . So many of these facilities are on autopilot , really don’t care about making quality food. We’ve seen this for many decades in our schools, and finally some of the schools are stepping up and having better alternative hi quality foods for the students.

    Very few countries in the world, care about seniors. Out of site, out of mind concepts.

    Seen some great Meals on Wheels, equally some horrid meals on wheels, almost more money is spent on quality pet foods in USA!