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Cerritos Councilman Yokoyama Calls on Supervisor Hahn to Help Set Up a COVID-19 Mobile Testing Site in City

Testing site areas (in blue) in LA County (Source LA County Public Health).

Cerritos City Councilman Frank Yokoyama sent a letter to LA County Fourth District Supervisor Janice Hahn yesterday asking that Hahn facilitate the establishment of a COVID-19 mobile testing site at Cerritos Regional Park in Cerritos.

Yokoyama included a map of current testing sites in the area and noted the lack of sites in SE L.A. County.

“I am requesting your help to provide our region of Los Angeles County that includes the City of Cerritos with a COVID-19 Drive-Up Mobile Testing Site,” Yokoyama wrote, “as you can see, our region, including Cerritos, is underserved and under-resourced relative to other regions regarding equal access to testing for the COVID-19 virus.”

“Accordingly, I respectfully request your help to open a COVID-19 Drive-Up Mobile Testing Site at Cerritos Regional Park. Thank you for your leadership and support during this unprecedented pandemic.”

In a text to HMG-LCCN, Supervisor Hahn indicated that they are evaluating where to place new testing sites everyday.

  • Test Center says:

    Frank Yokoyma
    [email protected]

    Besides a test center, area needs a temporary triage Center. Currently we only have two local hospitals : La Palma and Los Alamitos, both filled to capacity. Possibly making a medical triage Center out of the CCPA parking structure or Civic Center parking structure. Cerritos is blessed with multiple parking structures, and we need to look into using them for temporary housing to take care of the potential victims in the Greater Dairy Valley areas. Makes me nauseated, city has so many parking lots throughout the city, which are being used for storage of brand new cars, rental cars, fleet cars etc, seems like cars are more important in this city than human lives.

    What happened to the emergency electrical supply station, which was approved, to be erected at Cerritos Park East; Durable Electrical supplies was to be used for medical emergency equipment via the solar panels?

    Know city has thumbs down towards RV’s, but where can RV’s be staged, if the city has a self quarantine camp, which many cities are using across the nation?

    Keep my fingers crossed that we do get some kind of a test center somewhere in the city, we need it desperately and so does the surrounding cities. Hello Frank, residents are looking on the city web site, for the senior meal menu and sign-up………….nothing posted. Remember, city is home to more then 60% seniors and the curbside meals are awesome, but we need to get more info or flyers. City web site is not illustrating current events in real time clock.

  • Democrat says:

    Why is only the democrat elected council person involved in this? Elected all council persons, think this would be more effective bargain tool, if all 4 republicans and the democrat council person got involved.

  • Test Site says:

    Ret. School Board Trustee : Lynda P Johnson

    There are many questions about testing and test sites. The link below is from the LA County Dept of Public Health which provides many answers to your questions.

    Potential test sites are being considered in the Southeast region and will be identified by the LA County Fire Dept. They will determine if a location is feasible as a test site. Test sites can either be city or county property. At this time, there are no sites in Cerritos. In addition to setting up a test site, health care partners are needed to run the test sites.

    LA County Supervisor Hahn’s Cerritos Field Office is in communication with Cerritos Mayor Naresh Solanki and Mayor Pro Tem Chuong Vo almost daily, sometimes several times a day, discussing the needs of the residents during these unprecedented times. There is a collaboration and partnership between the county and the city and together we are working on a plan and solution for all residents.

    If you have any questions or comments concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at: [email protected]

    Be safe

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