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April 3, 2020 Hews Media Group-Los Cerritos Community Newspaper eNewspaper

  • Senior says:


    Shameful, city of Cerritos which has 60% of the population are seniors, Nine ( 9) senior low income housing units, and area which is blessed to be home to many restaurants, cannot do a better job feeding the seniors which are housebound during this pandemic. Currently, city offers small frozen dinners once a week to the seniors. Seniors have to drive to the senior center in Pay $2.25 per Frozen TV dinner and have staffers load in the trunk of the seniors car.

    Newly-elected Cerritos Pro-Temp Mayor, Council person Vo, said that the city needs to start doing more for the seniors.
    Councilperson Ewards and Hu, are both councilpersons and over 75 YO and have done squat for the seniors during this pandemic.

    Few stores offer special senior shopping hours, but is too early for many seniors to get a ride to. COW bus has limited hours of operation during this times.

    Walmart will bring RX to the curb at the Cerritos Towne Center for seniors, which helps many. Some stores have on line shopping with home deliveries others offer pick up in store at designated locker pick up.

  • Mayor's Night of Changes says:


    Not one word mentioned last night Mayors Transition about the opening day of USA Census!!! Artesia was the only city which thanked Mark Pulido for his service, what happened to the other 8 cities, chambers of commerce, LASD, Board of Realtors, and on on. Marks lecture can be compared to going to mass on Palm Sunday, it went on on on. La Palma has new CM and boycotted the meeting.

    Well well, only 25% voters voted electronically, other 75% voted by mail. Only 46% of the registered voters, decided to vote, this is very poor turnout.

    Was happy to hear it that the mayor pro-temp, Councilperson VO, least thinking about the seniors in the city, since they make up approximately 60% of the total population.

    When any city has three Republicans in office, there’s bound to be an alignment between the political party with regards to voting. We’ve seen that the last three and a half years in Washington DC also.

    Next CCC will be in 2022 but feel there will be a spec. election in 2021 to replace Edwards, as he will die in office. See if my prediction is rite on target.

    There has been many discussions on Facebook, Twitter, Next Door, over the last couple of months, who is going to be appointed as mayor and mayor pro-temp in the city of Cerritos. When you have social media, this kind of back door social things, goes around the basic principles of the Brown Act.. Remember, Frank appointed his Str two times as chair for the Planning Commission.

    On the flip side, very saddened that there was remote support to close the city parks during this pandemic. City first needs to ERECT some educational signs, and maybe have a staff referee walk around the parks, educating the park goers about the social distancing before they close the parks. Parks are a good relief right now, for many residents, when they’re working remotely from their homes.

    Just remember, many of the Republicans in the city of Cerritos were originally Democrats, and during Reaganomics, they changed over to Republicans which was very much in Vogue.

    City has rough and turbulent next few years. Pandemic will be shrinking the annual budget and there will be a lot of cuts in programs and personnel, plus city will be getting a new city manager shortly. Foreclosures and empty business buildings will haunt the city, compared to 2008-2011 era.

    Hope the viewers get to see the opening of the meeting last night, during the pledge of allegiance, only female on council, was filmed itching her breasts. Viewers need to learn more about communications via telephone, last few meetings, communications via phone to the CCC meetings has been moderately poor. Only 25% voters voted electronically in March 2020, which clearly demonstrates the city wide span of diversity, is not producing hi technical skills.

  • Cerritos Sheraton says:

    Cerritos Sheraton Hotel is closed. City Council must pass a resolution, and re-open said hotel and create a food bank hub, and start assembling at least one box lunch or dinner for every resident in the city for the next month or two. Nothing fancy, just a basic dinner, compared to purchases at Kentucky Fried Chicken. That would keep Cerritos residents out of the stores and in their houses.

    Adjacent to the Sheraton, is the weekly farmers market, so they do have an abundance of supplies for cooking.

    Remember when the Sheraton made its pitch to become the crown jewel for the Cerritos Towne Center, sales speech included they wanted to serve the public on all levels. Well, we are in disaster, unknown if the Red Cross will be called in, but have heard from whisper group, we will have the means of the national guard.

    CCPA parking structure, could be temp. converted to housing arena for quarantine victims of the virus.

  • Video Grace Hu says:

    RE: Council Person Grace Hu

    During the beginning of Mayor Transition, via telephone conference, when the CCC images were on top of the monitor, during the Pledge of Allegiance, the only thing Grace Hu was doing was playing with her breasts. Video Feed only showed her breasts and not her face…..should be edited out of the film, not appropriate.
    There was a lot of problems with the audio on last night’s film. Especially during the beginning. Many Cerritos neighbors said they could not understand the video, as the audio quality was very poor.

    My comment, beginning of the video and during any recesses, there should be a short educational on how to make telephone calls by the public to the forum. Very confusing about the appropriate timing for public comments made last nite.

  • Toilet Paper Alternative says:

    Toilet Paper Alternative |

    Toilet Paper Alternative is the hand held bidet want hose. These are cheap and can be purchased : Walmart, Lowes , Home Depot. Just screw this hand wand to the rear toilet faucet and bingo, ready to use. Great alternative to cleaning instead of using toilet paper. My RV Bus/ Yacht has this and many hi end luxury hotels/ homes have this attachment to all toilets. Sure beats usage of toilet paper, when there is a shortage. Installs in minutes. Also is great to clean out the toilet bowl of soap and grime deposits & great for upset stomach residue too . Do not need a plumber, anyone with 2 hands can install. Wands come in plastic or stainless steel.

    Some of the newer toilets, have this builtin in to the toilet tank along with heated blower. Sony makes a toilet, which makes a alarm if the toilet bowl detects blood, droplets which aids infections and cancer.

    Remember, Cov19 can be transmitted by droplets on the toilet areas, such as seat or handle flush.

    Usage of Commercial Bleach ( $5-$7 Gallon ) really whitens the toilet bowl and toilet tank. Must keep bathroom window open, as bleach is commercial and strong smelling.