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Statement from ABCUSD Superintendent Dr. Mary Sieu on School Closures

Dr. Mary Sieu

Dear ABCUSD Students, Families, Teachers and Staff,

At the ABC Unified School District, student, staff, and family safety is our number one priority. State health officials have made it clear that the safest place to be is home during the COVID-19 pandemic. With that in mind, our campuses will remain physically closed for the remainder of the school year through June 10, 2020. Our decision aligns with the recommendations from Governor Gavin Newsom, State Superintendent Tony Thurmond, and Los Angeles County Superintendent of Schools Dr. Debra Duardo that schools remain physically closed for the rest of the academic year.

Even though our schools remain closed, classes will still be in session. Since March 19, 2020, students have been learning at home through the ABC Online Learning at Home Program. Students should continue to log into to Google Classroom daily and complete their assignments.

Although we had planned for students to return on May 5, 2020, the District has been working on contingency plans in case the school closure was extended. We will continue to work on the many issues that come with the decision to end the school year on our campuses. I know you have questions, and we will do our best to provide answers in the days and weeks ahead.

I am grateful to our students, families, teachers, and staff for continuing school during these unusual times. Please stay healthy and safe.

Thank you very much.

Dr. Mary Sieu


  • Dog Walker says:

    What happened to recesses for the students when they are working remotely from home? Not witnessing any short recesses in the yards or the streets . Kids need outdoor time, if not were going to have a lot of ill deformed students by summertime.

    Weekends, am witnessing parents out with some of the students, but still very low numbers. Many families are not using safe distancing when walking, cycling with their families.