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85 News Cases of COVID-19 in Orange County, 403 Total

Cumulative Cases to Date



Cumulative Deaths to Date



Cases Reported Today



Deaths Reported Today



Total people tested HCA Public Health Lab (PHL) and commercial labs to date 4,884
HCA PHL available to test 1,090 specimens

Data posted each day are always preliminary and subject to change. More information may become available as individual case investigations are completed.

Case Counts by Cities

Aliso Viejo 51,372 3
Anaheim 359,339 37
Brea 45,606 3
Buena Park 83,384 12
Costa Mesa 115,830 9
Cypress 49,833 7
Dana Point 34,249 6
Fountain Valley 56,652 6
Fullerton 142,824 8
Garden Grove 175,155 7
Huntington Beach 203,761 32
Irvine 280,202 36
La Habra 63,542 2
Laguna Niguel 66,748 13
Lake Forest 86,346 7
Mission Viejo 96,434 7
Newport Beach 87,180 36
Orange 141,691 11
Placentia 52,333 6
Rancho Santa Margarita 48,960 4
San Clemente 65,405 11
San Juan Capistrano 36,821 9
Santa Ana 337,716 20
Seal Beach 25,073 1
Stanton 39,307 1
Tustin 81,369 7
Westminster 92,610 5
Yorba Linda 68,706 12
Other 1 202,478 39
Unknown 2   46
Total 3,190,926 403

1 Other cities in Orange County with population <25,000. Includes the aggregate of the unincorporated areas of the county, and cities with <25,000.

2 More information may become available as individual case investigations are completed.

* Population estimates from the California Department of Finance: www.dof.ca.gov/Forecasting/Demographics/Estimates/e-1/

** Data are preliminary and subject to change.

*** COVID-19 now has reached community transmission status, which means people may have contracted the illness elsewhere in the County. This may not necessarily be in the city where they live. These data should not be interpreted as an indication of activity in any specific location. Under a community transmission status, the true prevalence of this disease may not be known as most cases are likely not diagnosed or reported.


In order to better focus public health resources on the changing needs of the Orange County community, beginning March 27, the HCA is no longer collecting information about Orange County travelers returning from countries that have confirmed COVID-19 outbreaks. Community transmission of COVID-19 has been identified in Orange County since early March, and since then, most of the confirmed cases were not related to travel outside of the United States.

2020 Orange County Coronavirus Case Counts

Report ending date – March 26, 2020

Gender Age Group
Male Female Other < 18 18-49 50-64 > 65 Unknown
Total Cases 250 149 101 0 1 134 76 39 0
Deaths 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 0
Travel Related 75 42 33 0 0 40 21 14 0
Person to Person Spread* 27 20 7 0 0 15 7 5 0
Community Acquired** 75 49 26 0 1 37 22 15 0
Under Investigation 73 39 35 0 0 42 26 5 0
*Contact to a known case. | **Not travel related or contact to known case. Report ending date – March 26, 2020
  • Cv19 says:

    Great update. Glad to read, La Palma is not reporting any cases, but its neighboring city of Cypress, has half doz. Oddly, virus has not hit Rossmoor-Los Alamitos, especially when this is home to Los Alamitos Medical Center.

    IRVINE…….Wondering if the density, job capitol for Socal and home to the Spectrum and Medical University, makes this city the highest reporting in OC?

    Where can Cerritos residents get any type of facial mask and hand gloves? 100% OF US NEED PROTECTION….

  • Goodbye Spring Break says:

    RV SPRING BREAK……….2020

    Many of my RV friends , either (full-time or part-time) turning around , coming home or roosting with family members. Times are just too risky, afraid of running out of gas, long gas lines, no gas, no food, no propane, etc,,,,,Really question if they’re going to get full service medical attention, cause being Nomads status on the road. Now all 50 states have tribunal economy to fite Cvid19. Feel that medical attention is going to have too many red tape ghostly issues, would rather be parking in place and getting some kind of permanent address, so they don’t take the risk of dying, virus stroke, or just because of lack of neglect of Medical Care on the road. No one dies from Cvid19, but if travelers/seniors have pre existing conditions, virus can be fatal…..

    RVs could be stolen, if family is hospitalized for long time!!!! Many police /Sheriff agencies are not giving full service, afraid that their RVs could be stolen or looted, and do not want to lose their life savings or fears of rape etc. Times are tough. We are in a war, & civil war between states…. and Wars can be ugly, now USA has a lot of unknown ghosts ahead of us. Some are driving 24/7, just to get home, in case it came down with that virus, they did not know if it would be crippling or not, and want to be able to drive their units home, but many gas stations now are closing down. Fuel is going to be hoarded and stolen before long.

    Some RV friends have breached units, as repair facilities’ are either not open or cannot get supplies for needed repairs. Permanent residents are house bound and limited staple and services, only gets more complex for the nomads. Country is mis managed, even creates additional RV issues which are incomprehensive.

  • Kaiser says:

    TV newscaster hit a hotspot nerve for many. Newscaster has been asking TV viewers, has anybody heard from their medical insurance providers, regarding this virus? Interesting that nobody is talking about being hospitalized, if been having regular flu vaccination shots and for update injections for pneumonia.

    Appears most of the people in the world who are being hospitalized have an underlying pre-existing condition, this is why it’s so important everybody has equal medical insurance, so if we get into another pandemic like this, it doesn’t cost the world lives and money.

    Newscaster also addressed the difference between regulation between PPO Ins and HMO Ins. PPO Ins is governed by Depart of Ins and HMO Ins is governed by Depart of Corporations. Newscaster mentioned, they both need to be on the same playing fields. Does anyone know the data for patients in the hospital with this virus, being covered with HMO/PPO Ins. Poss. their virus is attacking more patients which are insured with HMO Ins, because the Ins companies have none very little to offer protection from any viruses.