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Cerritos Council Schedules Special Tele-Com Meeting for Thursday, March 26


A meeting that was canceled last week is now back on as the Cerritos City Council will tele-com their meeting tomorrow night at 7 o’clock. Sanzone how to observe the meeting and participate are as follows:

How to observe the meeting:
The public can observe the meeting via livestream on the City’s website at www.cerritos.usand on Cerritos TV3. The public can provide comment through teleconference as described in the public comment instructions listed below.

Public Comments: Public comments are limited to the items listed on this Special Meeting agenda only. Members of the public may provide public comment through the following methods:

Teleconference participation: You may provide verbal public comment by connecting to the teleconference meeting online or by telephone call (Please select only one method). Public speakers will be queued to provide comment at the appropriate time on the agenda. Please observe meeting decorum.

Cerritos Zoom meeting online link: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/5090037391
Cerritos Zoom Meeting call-in telephone number: 669-900-6833
Cerritos Zoom Meeting ID: 509 003 7391

Email: Members of the public may provide public comment by submitting an email to [email protected] by 5:00 p.m. on the day of the meeting. Please identify the meeting date and agenda item number for which you would like to provide comment in the subject line of the email. The public comment will be distributed to all members of the City Council and retained with the public record of the meeting.


5B. Review and consideration of an informational update on the City’s response to the COVID-19 local emergency (COUNCIL).
  • Phone Calll says:

    Just a shame, Cerritos is a City which brags on being the number one city, a city with Magnet School, a city with a STEM curriculum, city with 600 employees, city blessed with 3 malls plus award winning auto mall, has underperformed immensely during one of the worst crisis in the 21 st. century. . Residents are hungry for daily updates on this fatal national disaster. We have grown past the days of Hee Haw Dairyland, we are City proud, over 50,000 residents, with over 60% senior residency. Past few weeks, has just been nonsense attitude by the CCC , seniors don’t need to run to million different stores because the city council is afraid to be involved in this National disaster. Also, many seniors do not have connections to social media, as some council persons are using social media to broadcast updates, which has become the tribunal division in our city.

    Beyond me, why our elected counsel cannot share consideration to of the seniors; compared to the city of Palos Verdes Estates which does a door-knock to every senior resident living in the city daily, and the city of Downey does a phone bank twice a day to the senior residents in the city, plus delivers a hot meal daily.

    CCC, seniors are supposed to stay indoors during this era, we don’t have the opportunity of going store to store, restaurant to restaurant, to discover ghost inventories and what’s open and what’s not…. This is up to our government for directions, and we need daily updates, so we can go out briefly, to get some Staples in an orderly and professional manner.

    Past few weeks, has just been nonsense attitude by the CCC , seniors don’t need to run to million different stores because the city council is afraid to be involved in this National disaster.

    Residents, urge every one of you to send an email or make a phone call during tonight’s meeting. This national disaster is growing in to a large political fairground, news is being judged judge by the media, along with competition between governors/ president.

  • Thank You says:

    Cerritos city staff did a very good job in orchestrating this epic meeting, first in Cerritos History. Especially liked how some of the staff members identified themselves, during the meeting since they were not present, only ghosts.

    Don’t feel that all the council people represented all 50, 000 residences. Two of the council people never spoke.

    Participation by the audience residents phones at their homes was very poor. There was personality tensions between council member and sure this vibe was translated to the home viewers. Agenda numerical flow chart was confusing to the residents and myself.

    Still feel that there’s a lot of areas which were not answered. Residents are hungry for current updates. This was not a meeting to get explanations/ relief for lack of staples in the community. Personally was hoping for more direct answers to the lack of inventory in our local markets & seeking (Go To) GPS to aid the seniors.

    Hmmm, change in trash can service, black/ blue trash receptacles are collected together. CM could not update on this.