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Italy reports 651 new coronavirus deaths, slowdown in infections

The latest figures provided by the Italian Civil Protection Department showed that the total number of cases in the country continues to grow, but at a slower pace, climbing by 9% from Saturday to reach 46,638.

The increase signals a slowing trend, when compared with an average of 15% rise in the past two weeks.

Italy remains to be country with highest death toll globally, with over 5,000 fatalities, but contagions grow at slower pace.


  • Rome says:

    Why is Italy hit so hard? Is it because they have so many churches, abbeys, convents, museums, plazas. It is kind of early in the vacationing season, to experience traveling in to this country.

    Lot of the countryside is mountainous and agriculture, so there should be less contact between people, plus the weather is still cool there, so many residents are inside.

    Is there any data, supporting how the virus has hit the catholic clergy, monks, bishops, priests and so forth. Data does support, more men are hit w/ the virus compared to females.

    Odd, not much virus up in Denmark, Ireland, England and the northern countries.