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Cities are Shut Down…. Now Shut Down Trump’s Twitter

By HMG-LCCN Editor and Publisher Brian Hews

This country and many cities are reeling from the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic , and it is getting worse.

Yet Donald Trump has a daily briefing and turns the briefing into a stock market update while telling everyone “everything is fine.”

The experts behind him frequently stand there aghast, shocked at what the egotistical, narcissistic, and ignorant president pretends he knows about.

Why no one calls him out is beyond many. Or is it?

They are fearful that Trump will immediately go to his phone, pull the trigger on one of the biggest megaphones in the U.S., and slam anyone who criticizes him.

Supreme Court Justices, Pence, Pompeo, five former Chiefs of Staff, U.S. Senators, world leaders; it doesn’t matter. Get in his way and he will activate his thousands of loyal Trump followers, some of whom will send death threats to them and their family.

Yes, it is better choice for them not to criticize and watch the U.S. suffer, rather than endure the wrath of Trump and his followers.

The country is suffering, and it is about to get worse. People are dying yet Trump has done nothing to stem the tide of the virus, his latest promise to invoke the Defense Production Act has led to no action.

It is a good bet those in his inner circle want to do something, but Trump stands above them with his finger on a very large trigger that he will not hesitate to pull if somebody makes him look bad.

It is why Twitter needs to shut his, along with his family’s Twitter accounts down, at least until the pandemic curve has waned.

Doing so will allow people to speak up, it will allow people to act without fear of retribution from Trump or his followers.

Shut it down.

Heck, most Americans right now would take Pence, Pompeo, or Pelosi leading then rather than Trump.

This is not about freedom of speech or the first amendment, you can’t yell fire in a crowded theater, and you should not be able to use your Twitter account to intimidate people into not acting in a manner that is going to save lives, call it a “Chinese Virus,” or walk up to a national podium and spew lies.

Shut it down.

The epidemic has vividly shown that Trump has no empathy, he does not care about people or people’s lives, he is missing that part of his brain (among other parts.)

And he is getting more dangerous every day, misleading the country every time he steps up to the podium, the latest false promise of a malaria vaccine that would work on the coronavirus.

Shut it down.

I am sure that many stare at the TV every day wondering why nobody on his team has resigned and then blasted Trump later in a press conference, calling him out as the narcissistic, ignorant moron he really is. 

It’s not hard to figure out; it is because he’s got his finger on his Twitter account and they are afraid of death threats and that people will come to their house.

It has happened before, just ask Christine Blasey Ford.

These are extraordinary times, they demand extraordinary action, not a president who stands up at the podium while most of America is gripped in a pandemic, talking about the stock market while frequently threatening and insulting reporters who are just doing their job asking tough questions.

For those of you who say it’s a slippery slope, let’s slip down that slope and take the consequences later.

So shut it down Twitter, all of Trump’s Twitter accounts, for the sake of the US, its residents, its economy, and the many people on the front lines fighting one of the worst pandemics in the history of the world.

Shut it down @twitter and @jack, shut it down.

  • Bernie says:

    Pence just confirmed that a member of his staff has tested positive and is showing symptoms. Yesterday’s reports claimed the VP and Trump had “little contact” with this staffer, but now Pence claims he had no contact at all.

    What Pence isn’t saying while standing next to the President, members of the Cabinet as well as the foremost experts in the country trying to get a handle on this pandemic, is that all those who have been “exposed” to the virus should be self-quarantined. Let’s be honest, Pence and Trump may not have had direct contact with this infected staffer, but this person must have had contact with others on Pence’s staff who probably have had contact with Pence and then Pence has obviously had contact with the President and so on and so on.

    It takes days to begin to show symptoms after being exposed and Pence is in that timeframe RIGHT NOW!

    So let’s recap, the Prez and VP, experts, Cabinet Members, a slew of press people, a secret Service agents, White House staffers and other DC big shots all violate the social distancing guidelines at least twice a day (daily White House press briefings) AND are surrounding themselves around Pence and others who have been in contact with an infected Coronavirus victim.

    I guess the bright side is that in the end we could enjoy the possibility of rebuilding a brand new government after all these people succumb to the very fate that they claim they they’re trying to protect us from Never been happier to be a Washington outsiders.

  • Ghost Test Centers says:

    Remember testing only proves the past record for CV exposure, but it doesn’t prevent new exposure. That said, somebody can be tested today, and become infected in the next few days, if they’re exposed to the virus and be new carriers. Rite now, we need tests centers to determine who is infected and we also need to be retested during the life of the virus.

    Also, some of the carriers of the virus could be compared to chickenpox and shingles, there is no proof that the virus does not live in our bodies for our entire life. This is all new non sailed seas, no data. Interesting data graphs by the Health Departments, shows virus is more alive in affluent areas, where residents are more prone to intentional travel.

    With all of the vacant warehouses in Cerritos: Sears Pad, Orchard Pad, Mulikan Warehouses, Grocery stores, there is no reason why our city has not been more proactive in securing test centers, plus the city still has no count of the senior population. City of Downey and Palos Verdes, performs Senior Wellness checks daily, how come Cerritos and the ABC-Stem research centers have none squat. Mayor went public, almost 1 week ago in order to try to get senior county, still nothing. Ck city web site.

    Markets for most part have no /limited veggies, ye the horticulture plots at CHS has been vacated for past 3-4 decades. Even garden shared plots by the entire city, would aid in crisis times.

    If city is 60% seniors, city needs to contract with local restaurants in order to feed seniors and keep them at home. Seniors are running all over creation, still trying to secure food staples. Even if local restaurants could prepare some basic: Hamburgers, tacos, sandwiches, hot dogs, beans, soups, beverages, least this is more compared to many senior menus. This will also aid in securing jobs for restaurant employees and keep cafes open.